Wanderful Lift-Off


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Effect: The performer places his magic wand across a pair of mugs, opaque glasses or clear tumblers. He lifts up the wand, and the mugs or tumblers cling to the wand in a mysterious manner!

Although there have been similar “anti-gravity” effects, this special mechanical wand has its advantages. There is no secret clip over the thumb, and the glasses or mugs are suspended at a good distance away from the hand holding the wand. The glasses (or mugs) are unprepared, and can be examined. You can make the mugs or glasses hang from the wand, or balance over the wand. The special wand supplied is self contained with the secret levitating mechanism built into it.

You can use most light weight plastic glasses or mugs, or even other disposable glasses like coffee cups, Styrofoam cups etc. Real glass glasses are not suitable for this effect. The wand cannot be examined, but it appears just like a regular Magic Wand. The photo illustrates exactly what your audience sees.

Note: Comes with the special wand and operating instructions. You supply the glasses, mugs, cups, etc.