Werry’s PK Spoon (Germany)


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In the 1970’s, Werry showed the media (TV and newspapers) ways of achieving effects like Uri Geller demonstrated on television. At that time, he developed a “psychic bending” of an object that goes even beyond those things that were shown by so-called psychics around the world.

Effect: The performer presents several plastic spoons to the audience for examination. One is freely selected and signed with a permanent felt marker for later identification. The performer takes this spoon and holds the end of its bowl with just the thumb and first finger. Slowly, and while in full view of the audience, the spoon starts to bend until it is bent into a 90° angle! Immediately the spoon can be handed out for examination.

Remember these points:

• At no time is the spoon covered by anything!
• Only one spoon used!
• No exchange of anything at anytime!
• Totally free choice for the spectator!
• Can be performed in your Birthday-Suit!
• No chemicals or magnets used!
• No heat-influence on the spoon!
• Not recommended for beginners and children!

Werry’s Psychokinetic Spoon comes with 5 specialty made spoons, gimmick, performance rights for TV, and detailed instructions.