Wisches and Wisches II Lecture Notes by Bill Wisch


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. The glue used to paste on the pictures to the front covers has dried up and stained the papers. Both front papers have come loose. The interior pages to both sets of notes are good, clean and in like-new condition. Wisches II has been signed.

Bill Wisch was a student of Slydini.

Contents of Wisches include:

Using the Elbow as a Servante
Variations on “Coins Thru The Table” 6 coins, 5 coins, 2 coins and 1 coin
Pecuniary Paste Boards
Quick Quarter and Half
Ring On
The Key Returned
Transit Spheres Plus
No Nonsense Knot

Contents of Wisches II include:

It’s About Time
Beat Sequence Development Sheet
Mexicoin Turnover
Gravity Fan
My 2 Cents
Faro Fan Force
Advice on Showmanship
Showmanship Development Sheet
Two Ring Figures
Paper Balls, Box & Wand
Evidence of a Misspent Youth