Wonderful Routines of Magic – The Second Addendum (Ellison Poland)


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This is a pre-owned book with original dust jacket. Very good condition.

The Second Addendum was printed in 1994. The 191 page book is printed and edited to the same quality as the “Wonderful Routines of Magic” first book.

It is well illustrated and includes works of Peter Duffie, Aaron Black, Tony Econ, Steve Hook, Harry Milliken, Charles Pecor, Dan Tong, Gary Ward, Steve Pressley, and Gene Maze. Gene Maze and Dan Tong are heavy contributors with an overall total of 58 items.

The primary focus is on close-up magic.

The Second Addendum is indexed.

Note: Poland published a First Addendum prior to the Second Addendum. It was a much shorter volume and was not hard bound. It has long been out of print.