Wooden Transformation Box (Large)


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Here’s a very nice novel drawer box that allows you to perform the usual productions and vanishes possible with a regular drawer box and also permits you to transform one solid object into another!

This is a drawer box with a difference. This version is an almost unknown model which can transform one thing into another that was in use over 100 years ago and mentioned in Conjurer’s Mechanical Secrets by S.H. Sharpe – page 81.

Unlike the standard Drawer Box, which can be used for a production, (or a vanish if operated in reverse), this box is primarily designed to change one solid item for another. It can even produce two different items, or vanish two different items one after the other, permitting you to show the box empty after each production or vanish.

Although the cloth Change Bag is most popular with magicians for changing items, this Transformation Box will hold much larger and more solid loads, almost half the depth of the box. You may find the Change Bag more convenient to change silks, ribbons, rope and other similar flat compressible items, but the Transformation Box will permit you to change a couple of eggs into a pair of doves, or a packet of sugar into a box full of candy, or a regular deck of cards for a trick one, or bring a napkin mouse to life, etc.

Other uses are described in detail with the included instructions.

Box measures 10″ long, 6-1/4″ wide, and stands 7-3/4″ high.

You receive the special box and instructional booklet. You supply the props for the production, vanish, and transformation effects you wish to perform.

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