X-Ray Vision


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New and improved!
No complicated sleights!
Perfect for strolling!
Easy to do!

Effect: A card is chosen, then lost in the deck. The spectator uses X-Ray Vision to find it by actually seeing through the cards. The card is seen to be a reversed x-ray version of the chosen card, but just for a MOMENT… and then it vanishes!

The card is examinable at the end!

Originally called X-Ray Eyes by Jeff Ezell.

The gimmick is printed on blue Bicycle Backs! That’s right, these are actual Bicycle backed cards. This was printed in 2010 before the rules of altering the Bicycle Backs was changed. So consider this a limited edition playing card!

Includes three of the gimmicked cards, you’ll have to supply your own blue backed Bicycle Deck. Comes with both written and online video instructions