Zombie The Floating Ball (Lewis Ganson)


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Supreme moves, Will Ayling’s routine, Luis Gavilondo’s “Sacred Sun Ball”.

Photographed and written by Lewis Ganson.

This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc.

First edition 1977; thirty-five pages.

Contents include:

Supreme Moves
– Requirements
– Set-Up

– The Get-Ready
– The Ball Rises
– The Ball Rises Into View
– The Ball Floats Along The Arm
– Around The Body
– The Ball Suspends On The Cloth
– The Ball ‘Bounces’ On The Cloth

A Routine
The Gavilondo Start And Finish

Will Ayling’s Zombie Routine
– The Apparatus
– The Routine
– The Start
– The Ball Comes To Life
– The Ball On The Arm
– The Cradle
– The Ball Hangs On The Edge Of The Cloth
– The Hoop Around The Ball
– The Ball Around The Body
– The Ball Moves Along The Cloth
– The Ball Floats
– The Finish

The Sacred Sun Ball
– The Entrance
– Attaching The Gimmick
– The Ball Vanishes
– The Ball Re-Appears
– Showing Both Sides Of The Cloth
– The Ball On The Elbow
– The Ball On The Knee
– The Ball Floats – Climax

Additional Sequence For A Zombie Routine
‘Wrong Side’ Ball Appearance