Vertigo (Rodrigo Romano)


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Some years ago Rodrigo Romano delighted the magic community with his effect “Gilligan Prediction”. Now he surprises us once again, with his new creation: “VERTIGO”

Let’s imagine just some of the effects that are possible with “VERTIGO”

A card, freely chosen by a spectator, coincides with the prediction made by the performer some seconds before. No forcing of cards. As simple as that: the spectator names the card and it is the same mentioned in the magician’s prediction!

Or the spectator chooses any number, and it coincides with the number the magician predicted!

Or the spectator chooses a character, a country and a letter (or something of any other category) and there is an astounding full coincidence with the magician predictions!

You will find many more ideas that will astonish your audience.

“VERTIGO” is a genius tool, not only useful in mentalism, but also for parlor, stage or close up magic.

Some of its advantages:

No forces required!
The magician’s hands remain in full view the entire time!
Can be reset in seconds!
No nail writing or Swami gimmicks used!
No special paper used!
No clothing restrictions!
No electronics!
Specially designed gimmick!
Prediction can be in a glass, a mug, or even on the table!

What does the “VERTIGO” set include? You will get a gimmick specially created for “VERTIGO”, more than 40 minutes of online instructions (in English and Spanish), routines and all the required materials to perform any of the described effects.