Tap A Magician – 20th Century Mindreading


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Vintage magic from an old magic shop buyout.

Effect: A spectator thinks of any one of the famous magician’s names on a yellow card. By each name there is a hole. The card is turned over so the names are no longer visible and a miniature magic wand is placed into one of the holes in a tapping action and is continued with the other holes in an apparent haphazard manner.

Each time the performer taps his wand in one of the holes the spectator is to mentally spell the name of their selected magician, one letter at a time. When they finish spelling the magician’s name they tell the performer to stop. When told to stop, the hole where the wand ends up, is the magician selected by the spectator!

Very easy to do!

Comes with the specially printed yellow magicians name card, instructions, and a miniature wand.