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A great mental effect using the signs of the Zodiac!

Effect: Performer displays the four Zodiac Charts (panels) and selects three spectators to assist him. He asks spectator number one to mentally select a symbol from panel #1; spectator number two selects one symbol mentally from panel #2; and spectator number three selects mentally a symbol from panel #3.

Now the performer pauses to tell the three assistants what they should do next. First, each one of the spectators is to tell one person near him the name of the symbol they selected mentally; they can tell more than one person if they choose, but they must make sure that the performer does not hear the name of the symbol.

If the spectator wants to they can make a sketch of the symbol so that there will be no question as to which one they chose. Next, the performer returns to spectator #1 and shows them the first panel in the pile. “Is your symbol on this panel?” he asks spectator #1. If spectator number one says “no” the performer continues to show each panel until the spectator says “yes, it’s on that panel.”

Now the performer again asks the spectator to concentrate on the name of the symbol (or the shape if they can’t remember the name). After a bit of by-play about thought waves being mentally transferred from one person to another and so on, the performer boldly points to the symbol that the spectator had just mentally selected. The performer then repeats this same routine with spectators #2 and #3.

The effect is powerful! No one can ever figure out the exact means by which the correct sign of the Zodiac has been discovered although all of the spectators have a great time talking about how they THINK they have figured it out.