Super Psychic Chips


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Effect: The performer shows four black chips and four red chips. The chips are inset with white spots on ONE SIDE, and DIFFERENT COLORED SPOTS ON THE REVERSE SIDE. The chips are placed on the table with the different colored spots on top.

The four red chips are now turned over so that only the WHITE SPOTS SHOW. The four BLACK chips are placed in a row with the COLORED SPOTS SHOWING.

A spectator is asked to first shuffle around the RED chips so that no one knows which colored chip is where. They are then asked to try and guess which colored spot is at the BOTTOM of each RED chip. You place their selection, COLOR UNSEEN on top of the corresponding BLACK chip. For example, they may think that the first chip is blue and you place it on the black chip with the blue spot. The next on the green and so on.

The magician explain that their chances of having correctly matched ALL THE FOUR COLORS by coincidence are almost nil. However, the magician has temporarily gifted the spectator with psychic power. When the red chips are now turned over, the spectator can see that EACH AND EVERY COLOR IS PERFECTLY MATCHED!