25 Methods For Switching Decks by Floyd D. Brown


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This highly sought-after U. F. Grant manuscript details 25 different ways to secretly switch one deck of cards for another! If you use Si Stebbins or any other system, set-up, or special deck, this is a must-have resource!

The  original work was first published by U. F. Grant in 1947 under the pseudonym  Floyd D. Brown.

The date of this 11 page manuscript is not given.

We acquired this from an old magician’s estate purchase. There are some previous price sticker marks at the upper right hand corner of the front cover; otherwise everything is good and undamaged throughout.

Some of the contents include:

The Hat Switch

The Thurston Switch

The Egg Bag Switch

A Handkerchief Switch

The Side Coat Pocket Switch

Rising Card Box Switch

Black Art Switch

Standard Card Tray Switch

Plus 17 other different deck switches!