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You receive a trio of easy-to-do card effects and a vinyl card case to carry them in. Perform the classic Two Card Monte, along with the Flim-Flam Cards, and Mind-Reading Card. All are top-notch little mysteries that are suitable for the beginner in magic. No sleight-of-hand required.

In Two Card Monte your spectators will never be able to keep track of the card that you place behind your back. A real fooler!

In Flim-Flam Cards your spectator bets where they think the Queen is but ends up losing. When the Queen is turned over it has a blank face with “You Lost” imprinted on it. The Queen is nowhere to be found.

In Mind-Reading Card it starts off like a serious mental effect but has a comedy surprise finish. You’ll love it!

Plus you receive a 4th bonus mind-reading effect that is done long distance.

Note: The values and suits of the cards you receive may be different than what is pictured.