Verbal Assault (Ed Bedrick & Larry Stangel)


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Note: This came from a magic shop buy-out a while ago. It is new but the Bicycle card supplied with the adhesive on its back has dried up from age. You will need to create another card with some type of adhesive that has a clear finish. Reducing the original price because of this.

Effect: A spectator selects a playing card and then signs it. The magician places the deck onto the table and asks the spectator to place their signed card on top, and then to cut the pack and complete the cut so as to completely lose the card somewhere in the middle. Without any false moves the magician picks up the deck and ribbon spreads the cards face up on the table showing that the signed selection has completely vanished!

The magician then explains that there is still one way to determine the chosen card, where upon he removes one card from the deck calling it the “stool pigeon” card. Using the stool pigeon card to scoop up the cards, the magician places the squared pack back on the table leaving the stool pigeon card on top.

The magician now explains that he must resort to hypnotism in order to determine the identity of the selected card. The performer prepares a makeshift watch on a chain by attaching a plastic ribbon to the back of the stool pigeon card and placing it into the empty card box so the ribbon extends out through the top of the card box as the flap to the box is closed.

The performer begins swinging the card box back and forth in front of the spectator’s eyes and then names a card out loud. But sadly for the magician it is not the selected card. The performer then refers back to the stool pigeon card as he inverts the card box letting the ribbon hang downwards. While holding on to the card box the performer uses his other hand to pull down on the ribbon causing the stool pigeon card to talk and actually name the selected card!

The magician then explains that the stool pigeon card not only verbally named the selected card be he also found it. So saying, the performer removes the supposed stool pigeon card from the card case but it is seen that it has transformed into the signed selected card! The ribbon is now seen to be firmly attached to the chosen card and there is no sign of the former stool pigeon card as he must have flown the coop!