A Lecture Collection by Kostya Kimlat (First Printing 2004)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. The covers have some light stains; otherwise good; all interior pages are nice and clean; no damage.

Fifty un-numbered pages; spiral bound; 2004 first printing.

Written by Kostya Kimlat; Work of Kostya Kimlat; self-published.

No illustrations; language: English

Contents include:

Notes before Notes
Orlando Opener
Magic with Cards
Just Jokering
Four the Easy Way
Your Signed Kung Pao Chicken
Mariage a la Mode
Flourishing Away
Single-Double Thought
Burger King Card Trick
A Ph.D. in Magic
Back Into the Nest
Magic, itself
License to Steal, to Amaze, to…
Culligula: The Hardcore Triumph
The Roadrunner Cull
Perfect Combination, Re:
Schulien: Reloaded
Pandora’s Card Box