Abbott’s Snake and Card (Vintage)


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We acquired this vintage and new old stock item (folding snake picture) from an old magic shop buy-out. We have made up the envelopes to give the snake a home. Comes with a copy of the original instructions.

Here is a novelty in card tricks and a take-off on the well known Snake in the Basket trick.

A regular deck of cards is shuffled and two spectators each select a card, which are noted and returned to the pack. A colored picture of a Hindu Vase is shown and the magician explains it is the home of a ferocious snake.

The vase is placed on the cards and is then opened out showing the snake with a card in his mouth. Let’s suppose spectators selected a two and a three-spot and the snake holds up a five. Of course both spectators say the card is not theirs.

But the magician proves the snake is right and the climax is a sure-fire laugh!

This is a great outfit that’s easily carried with you and any deck of cards is used.

Snake is in bright green and looks really great!

The finish is a complete surprise!

No skill required.

Comes complete with the vintage snake fold-out picture, large envelope (snake’s house), and complete instructions including patter. You must supply your own or a borrowed deck of cards.