Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #12 (New and Used)



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21 Gems of Magic (Ormond McGill) – An Abbott Publication, 1946

50 Tricks With A Thumb Tip (Milbourne Christopher) – 3rd Edition (2)

50 Tricks And Ideas With Spring Flowers (Don Tanner)

A Repeat Rope Trick (Tom Prete’s Magic Arts) – Instruction Sheet

Abbott’s Magic F/Magicians/Occidental & Oriental Mysteries – 1st Edition 1934

After The Dessert (Martin Gardner) – Published By Louis Tannen

All About Linking Rings (Father Bandy) – 2nd Printing, July 1980

Atomic Magic (Ormond mcGill) – Reprint Magic, Inc. 1981

Balloon Side Show/Companion Booklet To “The Rubber Circus” (Multiple Authors)

Berland’s Novel Cigarette Tricks (Samuel Berland) – 1st Edition 1934

Berland’s Twenty Tricks With Wiztax (Sam Berland)

Billy McComb Drops In For A Chat (Copyright 1987)

Bringing Home The Laughs (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, May 1976

Card Magic By Manipulation – Revised Edition (Lewis Ganson)

Cardboard Charades – 2nd Collection Of Card Tricks (Roy Walton)

Chalk Talkies – A New Kind Of Fun (Harry C. Bjorklund)

Close-Up A-Ginn (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, April 1974

Clowning For Children (Richard “Snowflake” Snowberg)

Clowning Wherever We Can (Richard “Snowflake” Snowberg)

Come Out Flying (Edited By Frances Ireland Marshall) – 3rd Printing 1974

Comedy Linking Rings (David Ginn) – 8th Printing, May 1988

Comedy Warm-Ups For Children’s Shows (David Ginn) – 3rd Printing, June 1979

Crystal Ring Box – Instructional Booklet Only (Pro Close-Up Studio, Dallas TX)

Cups And Balls Magic (Tom Osborne) – Copyright 1955

Dai Vernon’s Symphony Of The Rings (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic Publication

Dai Vernon’s Symphony Of The Rings (Lewis Ganson) – 5th Edition, Supreme Magic

David Ginn’s Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief (David Ginn) – 2nd Printing

David Ginn’s New Dove Magic (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, June 1972

Dick Zimmerman’s The Cups And Balls – Instructional Booklet

Dorny’s Comedy Blackouts (Werner Dornfield)

Edwin’s Magic – A Lecture/Demonstration (Edwin Hooper)

Fantasio #6 – The Color Changing Lighter (David Ginn & Jim Kleefeld)

Floating Freely/Routines & Techniques F/The Invisible Thread Reel (S. Johnson)

Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series – Three Chinese Rings (Lewis Ganson)

Harry George Versus Magic (Harry George) – Copyright 1965, Magic Inc.

Himber Ring Magic – Routines, Tips, and Ideas (Bruce Kalver)

How to Be A Magic Clown/3 Books In One – Vol 2 (Magic, Inc. 5th Printing 1982

How’s Your Library? (James B. Findlay)

Ireland’s Linking Ring Routine (Laurie L. Ireland) – 4th Printing 1975

Ireland’s Original Cup & Ball Routines (Laurie Lowell Ireland) – 5th Printing

J. C. Cigar Magic – Cigar Manipulations (Jack Chanin) – 2nd Edition

Jardine Ellis Ring On Stick & Ring On Rope (Mohammed Bey)

Just For Laughs (Richard “Snowflake” Snowberg)

Kid Stuff – Volume 1 (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 6th Printing 1982

Kid Stuff Six – The Frances Marshall Series (Arnold Furst) – Signed

Kornfidentially Yours (Karrel Fox) – Reprinted 1961 By Ireland Magic Co.

Larry Becker’s Mentalism For Magicians (Edited By Jeff Busby)

Loyd’s Master Manipulation Of Thimbles (E. Loyd Enochs)

Magic That Is Magic (Loring Campbell) – An Abbott Publication

Magicdotes (Robert Orben) – 1st Edition 1948

Majick & Mentalism With The Zodiac Deck (John Snider) – Booklet Only

Malini And His Magic (Dai Vernon) – Published By Harry Stanley

Matchbox Delights (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, May 1977

Matchic – More Than 70 Impromptu Tricks With Matches (Martin Gardner)

Milbourne Christopher’s Own Version For Stretching A Rope – 3 to 20 Feet

Miracle Methods #2 – Miracle Shuffles & Tricks (Hugard/Braue) – CR 1942 (2)

Miracle Methods #3 – Prepared Cards & Accessories (Hugard/Braue)Copyright 1942

Miracle Methods #4 – Tricks And Sleights (Hugard & Braue) Copyright 1943

More Party Pieces (Trevor Lewis)

Neff’s Miracle Rope – Instruction Booklet (Abbott’s Magic)

Notes – Here I go Again More From The Four-Eyed Lunatic (Terry Seabrooke)

Over The Coffee Cups (Martin Gardner) – 1st Edition 1949 (2)

Rice’s More Naughty Silks (Harold Rice) – 4th Edition, Copyright 1941

Rice’s More Naughty Silks (Harold Rice) – Copyright 1947

Rig Up The Ropes – Expanded Edition (R. W. Klamm)

Rink’s Original Rope Mysteries (Edited By Hugh Miller) – Supreme Magic

Ropesational (George Sands)

Routined Manipulation – Part 1 (Louis Ganson) – Tannen Publications

Routined Manipulation – Part 2 (Louis Ganson) – Tannen Publications

Sand’s Improved Ropesational (George Sands)

Sandsational Rope (George Sands)

Scott York – Coins (Charlie Miller)

Scott York – Cups & Balls (Charlie Miller)

Silken Sorcery (Jean Hugard) – Published By Tannen Publications

Silks Supreme (Keith Clark) – 1st Edition, Copyright 1941

Situation Comedy For Magicians (Clettis V. Musson) – Copyright 1954

Sleeving – How To Do It – What To Do With It (Vin Carey)

Sleight of One Liners – Book 5 (Harry Allen)

Special Effects With Fire & Smoke – A Technical Manual (Theatre Effects)

T. I. P. S. (Ken Allen) – 1st Edition, October 1959

The Clown In You – A Basic Textbook (Richard “Snowflake” Snowberg)

The Dice And Purse – Visual Close-Up Magic (Barry Govan) – Jeff Busby 1985

The Don Wayne Floating Ball (Don Wayne) – Instructional Booklet Only

The Encyclopedia Of Patter (Robert Orben)

The Funniest Magic Show In The World (Al Lampkin) – Copyright 1978

The Impossible Rope Trick (Mal Cameron) – Instruction Sheet

The John Cornelius Card System (Instructions By John A. Novak) – Manuscript

The Leveridge Way (Mark Leveridge)

The M. C. Bit Book – A Guide For The Toastmaster (Algonquin McDuff)

The Magic Mirror – An Antique Optical Toy (McLoughlin Bros.) (3)

The Master Routine Series #4 – The Ring Competition (Mark Leveridge)

The Professional Technique For Magicians (James Reneaux) – 1968 Abbott’s Magic

The Prolix Spirit Writes (Wilbur Kattner)

The Prolix Spirit Writes Again (Wilbur Kattner)- Copyright 1977

Tips On Zombie (Joe Karson) – June 1946

TV-Comics-News Presentations With Your Own Tricks (Magic, Inc.)

TV’s Original Balloonatic (Dwight Damon) (2)

Ultimate Color Separation #2 (Verne Chesbro)

Wizard’s Manual (Anonymous) – Copyright 1960

World’s Greatest Magic Tricks – Aladdin The Magician (Anonymous) (2)