Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #1 (New and Used)



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40 Tricks With A Hot Rod (Scott K. Anderson)

50 Crazy Card Stunts (Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company)

101 Best Magic Tricks (Guy Frederick)

A Magical Spoonerism – Here’s Hoo With Coins (Bill Spooner)

Art of Ventriloquism – How To Throw Your Voice (George W. Callahan)

Berland’s Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups (Sam Berland)

Black Art (Magic, Inc.) – 2nd Printing, 1974

Bongo Strikes Again – Small Lecture Note Booklet – No Text (Ali Bongo)

Bongo’s Bazaar – Lecture Notes (Ali Bongo)

Card and Conjuring Tricks (Roberts and Crayford)

Card Trickery (Josephus The Great)

Card Tricks For Cardicians (Magic, Inc.) – 2nd Printing 1980

Close-Up Magic – First Edition, 1938 (Jean Hugard)

Cups And Balls Magic (Tom Osborne) – First Edition, 1937

Dai Vernon’s Select Secrets – Revised & Enlarged – 2nd Edition, Max Holden

Double-Dazzling Triumph – Manuscript (Daryl Martinez)

Fun With A Handkerchief (Philip R. Willmarth)

Fun With Science And Crafts (Patricia S. Collins)

Handbook For Adult Banquet Shows (Hank Moorehouse) (2)

Hank Lee’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave #9 Program Booklet

Hokus Pokus: Rope and Scarf Tricks (IB Permim)

Hole Flight (Harvey Rosenthal) – Copyright 1982

Houdini The Untold Story (Milbourne Christopher)

Houdini’s Escapes (Walter B. Gibson)

How To Deceive Without Really Trying! (The Peter Warlock Lecture)

How To Force A Watermelon (Parker Swan)

Inside Outs (Steve Beam & Don Morris)

Joseph Cottone’s Continuous Card Production (Carlo Publication, 1946)

Magic Handbook – 100 Life-Of-The-Party Tricks (Science & Mechanics)

Magic Of The Scottish Conjurers Association (Compiled by R. Armour)

Magic That Is Magic (Loring Campbell)

Miracle Floating Light Effects (Burling Hull)

My Life As A Magician (Harry Blackstone Jr.)

Novel Magic (Lu-Brent)

Outs, Precautions, & Challenges – For Ambitious Card Workers (Charles Hopkins)

PK Magic Catalog (Chazpro Magic 1994)

Safety Pin-Trix (Jerry Andrus)

Simple Snappy Comic Trick Cartoons – Book 2 (Harry C. Bjorklund)

So You Want To Make Money In Magic? Do You Do Kid Shows? (Hank Moorehouse) (2)

Stage Directions – Guide to Getting & Keeping Your Audience (Peithman & Offen)

Stupid Bar Tricks (Adam Steinfeld & Bret McCormick)

The Complete Book of Games (Wood and Goddard)

The Houdini Box (Brian Selznick)

The Magic Of Louis Histed (Edited and Presented by Fabian)

The Merry Magical Christmas Book (Compiled by Frances Marshall)

The Money Maker Machine Manual (Algonquin McDuff)

The Nail Writer Swami Gimmick (Corinda)

The Prop Shop – Tricks With Magical Accessories (Mercurio) (2)

The Routine Supreme (Tony Kardyro)

The Roy Johnson Experience (A Goodliffe Publication)

The Talon #1 – Reprinted and Revised 1980 (David Britland – England)

The Talon #2 (David Britland – England)

The Talon #3 – Published January 1979 (David Britland – England)

The Talon #4 – Published June 1979 (David Britland – England)

The Talon #5 (David Britland – England)

Tips – Ideas For Actors (Jon Jory)

Troublewit Simplified – Ideas, Routines, Patter (Compiled by Herb Morrissey)

Wacky Jacks (David A. Adler) – A Houdini Club Magic Mystery