Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #8 (New and Used)



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A Bag O’ Tricks Lecture (Tom Craven)

A Ray Of Magic (Jimmy Ray) – Published By Morrissey Magic Ltd.

A Scotch Brand Of Magic (Joseph M. White) – An Abbott Publication

Adair’s Ideas – Magic With Livestock (Ian Adair)

An Evening At The Magic Circle (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)

Are You Seein Things? (Ross A. Burley)

Asra Levitation Plans (Abbott’s Magic Mfg.)

Asra Levitation Plans – Thurston Method (Abbott’s Magic Mfg.)

Blackstone’s Famous Rope Trick (Copyright, Bert Wheeler) – Manuscript

Cabaret Dove Act (Ian Adair)

Cagey Doves (Tom Palmer) – 2nd Edition, Magic Inc. 1968

Cards That Mean Business (Ernie Heldman)

Cheers – Liquid Magic (Jim Rainho) (2)

Chinese Magic And Illusions (U. F. Grant) – Manuscript

Choice Magic (Charles C. Eastman)

Close-Up Connivery #2 (Dan Garrett

Close-Up Man (J. P. Vallarino)

Comedy Funnel Magic (Compiled – The Amazing Maurice) (Micky Hades Publication)

Comedy Magic – An Abbott Publication

Creative Magic – Copyright 1973 (Dick Zimmerman)

Dove Classics (Ian Adair)

Dove Magic – Part 1 (Ian Adair)

Dove Magic – Part 2 (Ian Adair)

Dove Magic Encore (Ian Adair)

Dunninger’s Magic Tricks – Here’s Fun For Young & Old (Joseph Dunninger)

Electronic Wizardry – Volume 1 (Roy Masters)

Encounters Of The Close-Up Kind (Dan Fleshman)

Encyclopedia Of Escapes (McLaury) – Copyright 1964

Escapes – Secret Workings For Hancuffs, Ropes, Boxes, Etc (Abbott Publication)

Five-Star Magic (Bob King)

Folding Money – Volume 1 (Edited By Samuel Randlett) – 2nd Edition 1975

French Kiss (Boris Wild)

French’s Mysteries (Edwin A. French)- Issued By Chas. C. Eastman

Fun With Balloons (Van Dyke) – An Abbott Publication

Further Dove Classics (Ian Adair)

Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series – A New Look At Card Fans (Lewis Ganson)

Glaces (Ray Grismer) – Aces Appear In Front Of Deck Inside A Glass

Grant’s Annual Of Magic (Published By Nelmar System) – Side Stapled Manuscript

Grant’s Brilliant Card Magic (Robert J. Smith)

How To Get More Dollars For Your Magic Shows (Burling Hull)

How To Give A Magic Lecture (Val Andrews) – A Micky Hades Publication

Indian Showcase Series – Book #1 – Watch This Closely (Magician Someeran)

Inflation Information – A Balloon Manual (Frank Thurston)

Instructions For Master Handcuff Key Set (Prynce E. Wheeler)

It’s Strictly Comedy – “It Pays To Entertain” (Johnny Geddes)

Killer Kitsen Miracle (Jon Racherbaumer)

Konjure To Kids For Cash (Donn Davidson) – A Micky Hades Publication

Let’s Make Magic (Gordon M. Howatt U. S. N.)

Magic For You (Chas. C. Eastman)

Magic Memo Notes (Mariano Palhinha)

Magic On The Wing – More Novel Dove Magic (Ian Adair)

Magic With Doves (Ian Adair)

Means And Ends (Jerard K. Hartman) – In Blue Folder – Transcribed Feb 1973

Michael Ammar’s Magical Arts Journal – Aspen Bar Magic – The Tower

Michael Ammar’s Magical Arts Journal – Triple Issue – Vol 2, Numbers 4-6 (2)

Michael Skinner’s Intimate Magic (Jeff Busby)

Mind F/X – Magic And Mentalism Gone Mad! (Andrew Mayne)

More Magic With Dots (John Yeager) – A Micky Hades Publication

More Sleightly Slanted (Jerry Andrus) – Lecture Notes

Nameless Notes – On Close-Up Magic (Jerry Andrus) – Copyright 1964 (2)

New Concepts In Magic (Aldini) – Micky Hades Publication

New Stars Of Magic – Eternal String (Max Londono)

New Stars Of Magic – Immaculate Connection (Paul Harris)

No Strings – The Art Of Close-Up Levitation (Jon Jensen)

Novel Magic With The Appearing Cane (Micky Hades)

Odd Lifts (Jerard K. Hartman) – In Blue Folder – Transcribed May 1971

Packet Magic (Jerard K. Hartman) – In Blue Folder – Transcribed Feb 1972

Paper Bag Magic (The Amazing Maurice) (A Micky Hades Publication)

Patrick Page’s Lecture Notes – Signed

Popular Magic And Card Tricks – Volume 3 (Joseph Dunninger) – Covers Missing

Pot-Pourri – The Collected Magic of Ian Adair (Supreme Magic Publication)

Professional Blackjack (Stanford Wong)

Psychic Magic – Volume 1 (Ormond McGill) – An Abbott Publication

Rainbow Dove Routines (Ian Adair)

Robert Swadling Lecture Notes – Cape Cod 1994

Rope, Chain and Box Escapes (U. F. Grant)

Rope Magic – How To Do Rope Tricks By Jarrow

Royal Divide (Ben Harris) – Manuscript

Secret Monte (David K. Yee)

Secret Subtraction (Jerard K. Hartman) – In Blue Folder – Transcribed Oct 1970

Sharps And Flats – Soft Covers – Published By GBC Press (John Nevil Maskelyne)

Simplicities (David Harkey)

Singles, Multiples & Jumbos (Charles “Chazini” Leach)

Special Magic (Jerry Andrus) – Lecture Notes For 1974 Japan Tour

Strange Secrets – The Addenda (The Abbott Magic Company)

Strange Secrets – Volume 1 (The Abbott Magic Company)

Strange Secrets – Volume 2 (The Abbott Magic Company)

Table Book II – No Drapes (Gene Gloye) – Magic Inc. 1981

Teasers And Ticklers – The Lecture Book (Dan Garrett)

The Art Of Escape – Volume 2 – Selected Chain Escapes (John Novak)

The Close-Up Magic Of Ray Mertz (Ray Mertz) (2)

The Dove Workers Handbook (Darryl Hutton & Micky Hades)

The Encyclopedia Of U. F. Grant Magic – Part 1 (Edited By Don Tanner)

The General Grant Lecture Notes On How To Make A Living By Stealing

The Hade-E-Gram Magizette Quintennial Issue – Jan 1964, Vol 6, Number 61

The Illusionist – Volume 3, Number 1, March 1995

The Illusionist – Volume 3, Number 2, June 1995

The Illusionist – Volume 3, Number 3, September 1995

The Magic Book (Karl Fulves)

The Make-Up Of Magic (Micky Hades) The New Bottle Book (Norm Nielsen)

The Table Book (Compiled By Frances & Jay Marshall) – 7th Printing 1980

Theatre Of Blood (Dr. Doom)

Topper’s Mad Mad Magic – Written By Gene Anderson For Topper Martin

Twillibee’s Ocean Twists – For Advanced Ballooning (Jan Bohan)

Up Close With Andrus – A Lecture On Close-Up Magic By Jerry Andrus (2)

Window Stoppers (U. F. Grant)

Workers #4 – Further Routines From Professional Repertoire Of Michael Close

Yearbook 1965-6 (Magic Inc.) Jack Gwynne On Cover; Signed By Jack Gywnne

Yearbook 1967-68 (Magic Inc.) Karrell Fox On Cover; Signed By Karrell Fox