Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #11 (New and Used)



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101 Easy-To-Do Magic Tricks (Bill Tarr)

202 Ways to Stop Hecklers (Otis Manning)

A Ray Of Magic (Jimmy Ray) – Published By Morrissey Magic Ltd.

A Spook Show In Your Parlor – 10 Suggested Black-Out Stunts (William Larsen)

A Volunteer From The Audience (Walt Hudson & Tom Ogden)

Bang – 50 Great Tricks, Routines, Tips, & Ideas For The Magician (Micky Hades)

Berland 1970 – Tricks For Today And Tomorrow (Sam Berland)

Big Laughs For Little People (Samuel Patrick Smith)

Bouquets And Blossoms – 25 Tricks With Spring Flowers (An Abbott Publication)

Build Your Own Illusions – Complete Text & Drawings For 20 Tricks(Jim Sommers)

Capricornian Tales – The Magic Of Christian Chelman (Christian Chelman)

Card File – Card Magic, Feature Mysteries, Packet Tricks, More (Jerry Mentzer)

Cardmagic (Richard Kaufman) – 1st Edition – Copyright 1979

Chopper Capers – Tips, Gags, Routines (Walt Hudson & Mark Walker)

Clowning Around Magazine – Volume 10, Number 4, January 1992

Clowning Around Magazine – Volume 10, Number 12, September 1992

Coffee Break Magic (Johnnie Murray & Don Tanner)

Comedy Magic (Percy Abbott)

Comedy Mentalsim (Robert Nelson and Others)

Confessions Of An Italian Magician (Giovanni Livera)

Conjuring (James Randi, Esq.)

Conjuring For Children (W. W. Larsen)

Conjurors And Cornfields – Magic On The Indianapolis Stage (Thomas A. Ewing)

Creating “Speaksakes” From Throw-Aways (Clinton Detweiler)

Encyclopedia Of Dove Magic (Marian Chavez)

Expert Manipulative Magic (Compiled By Charles C. Eastman)

Fifth (Phil Goldstein)

Five-Minute Faces – Fantastic Face Painting Ideas (Snazaroo)

For Ventriloquists Only – Professional Dialogues (Paul Stadelman)

French’s Manipulative Magic (Edwin A. French) – Issued By Chas. C. Eastman

Further Weird And Psychic Effects (C. V. Musson) – A Micky Hades Publication

Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series – Two In The Hand & One In The Pocket

Gold Medal Showmanship For Magicians & Mentalists (Burling Hull)

Grant’s Fabulous Feats Of Mental Magic (Don Tanner)

Grant’s Inner Circle Magazine – Volume 1, Jun/Jul 1949, Numbers 9 and 10

Grant’s Inner Circle Magazine – Volume 1, Aug/Sept 1949, Numbers 11 and 12

Hocus Pocus Magazine – Doug Henning’s Tour – Volume 1, Number 5

Hocus Pocus Magazine – Awards Issue – Volume 3, Number 2

How to Make Flashes, Bangs, And Puffs Of Smoke (Micky Hades)

Ireland’s 1947 Yearbook (The Ireland Magic Company)

Ireland’s 1948 Yearbook (The Ireland Magic Company)

Ireland’s 1949 Yearbook (The Ireland Magic Company)

Key Bending (Mark Walker) – A Micky Hades Publication)

Laughs, Laughs, Laughs (Selected And Told By Helen Hoke)

Learned Pigs/Fireproof Women – Unique/Eccentric/Amazing Entertainers (R. Jay)

Legerdemain – A Magazine Of Magic – Volume 3, Number 3, Issue 27, May 1980

Let’s Make Magic (Gordon M. Howatt)

Magic From The Dope Den (George McAthy) – A Micky Hades Publication

Magic Made Easy (Carol Lee)

Magic Made Simple (Walter B. Gibson)

Magic With Faucett Ross (Lewis Ganson)

Magicana Of Havana In New York (Jose De La Torre)

Magicomedy (McAthy) – A Micky Hades Publication

Manipulative Magic – Including Moves From Cardini (Charles C. Eastman)

Manuscript Of Optical Illusions

Martin Gardner Presents (Martin Gardner)

Mind & Magic – Encyclopedia Of The Mysterious & Unexplained (Francis X. King)

More Manipulative Magic (Compiled By Chas. C. Eastman)

Natural Selections – Volume II (David Acer) – Camirand Academy Of Magic

New Dandy Lines – The Best One Liners In The Business (Chic Canery)

Panorama Of Magic (Milbourne Christopher)

Patter, Gags & Bits Of Business For Magicians (Val Evans)

Paul Daniels Adult Magic (Barry Murray)

People Pleasers (O’Neal Magic)

Preserving Your Paper Collectibles (Demaris C. Smith)

Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic (Edited by Richard Robinson)

Pupppetrix (William W. Larsen) – A Micky Hades Publication

Rich With A Twist – A Collection Of Practical Effects By Richard Osterlind (2)

Richard’s Almanac – Volume 1, Number 1, September 1982

Richard’s Almanac – Volume 1, Numbers 5 and 6, Jan/Feb 1983

Richard’s Almanac – Volume 1, Number 12, August 1983

Rope Without End (Ronald J. Dayton & R. C. Buff (A Micky Hades Publication)

Screen Test – Scene 1 – Take 1 – Starring Christopher H. Kenworthey

Snip-Snip Want Ad Test (Don Tanner)

So! You’re A Magician (U. F. Grant)

Something Old Something New (Magus)

Spoof…It’s Magic (Ronald J. Dayton)

Stars Of Magic – Copyright By Louis Tannen 1961

Suitcase Side Show – Modern Comedy Magic Act That You Can Do (Tommy Windsor)

Talk! A Panorama Of Professional Prose, Palaver & Patter (Abbott’s Magic Co.)

The Bunny Book For Magicians (Compiled By Frances Marshall)

The Catalogue Of Magic (Jeffrey Feinman)

The Children’s Magic Kit – 16 Easy-To-Do Tricks (Karl Fulves)

The Collier Quick And Easy Guide To Magic (Hal G. Vermes)

The Complete Invocation – Volume 1 (Anthony Raven aka Bob Lynn)

The Expert At The Pitch Table (Michael Schwartz & S. David Walker)

The Gen Magazine – Volume 17, Number 5, September 1961

The Ghost Book Of Dark Secrets (Robert A. Nelson) – 2nd Edition – Micky Hades

The Hierophant 1 And 2 – Mostly Marlo Issue (Jon Racherbaumer)

The Hierophant 3 And 4 (Jon Racherbaumer)

The Hierophant 5 And 6 (Jon Racherbaumer)

The Hierophant 7 – Resurrection Issue (Jon Racherbaumer)

The Magic Catalogue _ Comprehensive Guide To Magic (William Doerflinger)

The Magic Menu – July/August 1991, Issue 6 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – November/December 1993, Issue 20 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – January/February 1994, Issue 21 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – March/April 1994, Issue 22 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – May/June 1994, Issue 23 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – July/August 1994, Issue 24 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – September/October 1994, Issue 25 (Jim Sisti)

The Nelson Master Course of Hypnotism (R. A. Nelson) – Hades Publication

The Secrets Of Brother John Hamman (Richard Kaufman)

The Super Show – How To Create It – Staging/Sound/Lights/Color (F. Marshall)

The Traveling Ghost Card Illusion & Other Effects (Gordon M. Howatt)

The Volunteer Book (Jim Kleefeld)

Tokyo Trickery (Takeshi Nemoto)

Tops Treasury Of Dove Magic (Neil Foster) – An Abbott Publication

Trade Shows – An Inside Insight (Compiled By Frances Marshall)

Tricks With Hares (U. F. Grant)

Turn Of A Friendly Card – A Treatise On The Tarot (Jim Magus)

U. F. Grant’s Center Tear Methods (Don Tanner)

Ventriloquism Of Today (Paul Stadelman)

Ventriloquism Plus Television Ticklers – 19 Comedy Dialogues(Paul Stadelman)

Wizard Magazine – Vol. 5, Number 56, September 1952 – Albert Hemming On Cover

Zenith Master Mental Act (U. F. Grant)