Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #13 (New and Used)



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12 Tricks With A Borrowed Deck (Martin Gardner) – Copyright 1940

33 Rope Ties And Chain Releases (Burling Hull) – Copyright 1947

48 Great Magic Tricks – For Private & Confidential Use Only (Vick Lawston)

64 Ways To Make Magic Pay (Tommy Windsor) – Copyright 1952 – D. Robbins & Co.

101 Best Magic Tricks (Guy Frederick) – 7th Printing 1970

131 Magic Tricks For Amateurs (Will Dexter) – Arc Books – Copyright 1958

2000 Insults For All Occasions (Louis A. Safian) – 10th Printing 1968

2000 More Insults (Louis A. Safian) – 3rd Printing 1968

Al Leech’s Legacy (Alfred B. Leech) – Magic, Inc. 1980

Amedeo’s Continental Magic (Frank Garcia/George Schindler) – 1st Edition 1974

Ascanio’s World Of Knives (Jose De La Torre) – 2nd Edition, August 1975

Basic Balloon Sculpture (George Schindler) – Copyright 1983

Berland’s Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups (Sam Berland) – Copyright 1968 (2)

Bill Severn’s Big Book Of Magic (Bill Severn) – Bantam Books 1973

Black Art Well Tricks (Charles Earl Miller) – 3rd Printing 1981

Black Art Well Tricks For The 80’s (Charlie Miller) – Copyright 1980

Blackstone’s Modern Card Tricks (Harry Blackstone) – 1976 Edition

Blackstone’s Tricks Anyone Can Do (Harry Blackstone) – Perma Books 1948

Card Finesse (Jon Racherbaumer) – Copyright 1982

Card Mastery – Including Expert At The Card Table (Michael MacDougall) – 1944

Card Tricks From Mount Olympus (Steve Beam) – Copyright 1980 – Signed

Cards As Weapons (Ricky Jay) – 1st Darien House Printing, April 1977

Cards On The Table (Jerry Sadowitz) – Copyright Martin Breese 1989

Carnival Secrets – How To Win At Carnival Games (Matthew Gryczan)

Catalog Of Magic (Marvin Kaye) – A Doubleday/Dolphin Book – Copyright 1977

Christmas Magic (Dave Hagan) – 4th Printing 1981

Class Act – The Magic Of Tony Binarelli (Gary Ouellet) – Copyright 1991

Classic Magic Tricks (Bob Longe, David Knowles & Charles Barry Townsend)

Classic Secrets Of Magic (Bruce Elliott) – 1st Collier Books Edition 1952

Close-Up Cues (Jerry Mentzer)

Cruise Book (Jimmy Ray) – Copyright 1980 – D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Cyclopedia Of Magic (Henry Hay) – 1st Dover Edition 1975

Dai Vernon’s Inner Secrets Of Card Magic (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Dai Vernon’s More Inner Secrets Of Card Magic (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Dai Vernon’s Further Inner Secrets Card Magic (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Dai Vernon’s Select Secrets – Revised & Enlarged – 2nd Edition

David Ginn’s Colorful Magic (David Ginn) – 1st Edition 1969

Dick Daring’s Bag Of Tricks (Will L. Lindhorst)

Don’t Look Now! The Smart Slant On Misdirection (Al Leech) – 2nd Edition 1971

Dorny On Trix (Werner C. Dornfield) – Reprint 1981, Magic, Inc.

Dove Classics (Kirk Kirkham) – Published By D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Dove Magic Finale (Ian Adair) – Copyright 1960 – Supreme Magic Company

Dove Pan-Orama (Bruce Posgate) – Copyright 1972 – Herb Morrissey, Canada

Dovetail Deceptions (Senor Torino aka Tony Kardyro) – Published Louis Tannen

Dr. Q’s Hypnotic Act – Folded Manuscript

Drug Store Magic (Eli B. Johnson, Pharmacist)

Easy Magic (Karl Fulves) – Dover Publication 1995

Exclusive Magical Secrets/Famous Locked Book Of Magic (Will Goldston) – Dover

Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation – Part 2 (Burling Hull)

Expert Card Conjuring – Part 1/Expert Card Chicanery – Part 2 (Alton Sharpe)

Expert card Mysteries (Alton Sharpe) – 1st Edition 1975 – Louis Tannen

Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups (Eugene E. Gloye) – Copyright 1976

Father Cyprian’s T. V. Card Rise – Copyright 1982 Karl Fulves

Fire Magic (Clettis V. Musson) – 10th Printing 1988

For Your Entertainment Pleasure (Daryl) – Copyright 1982

Foretell The Future – 7 Keys To Unlock The Secrets Of Your Destiny (J. Scott)

Fork Full Of Appetizers (Compiled By Bill Miesel)

Fork Full Of Appetizers – Book 2 (Compiled By Bill Miesel)

Gene Gordon’s Routines – Number 1

Genial Improbabilities (Ken De Courcy) – 1st Edition 1949

George McAthy’s Smart Business For Magicians – Copyright 1946

George McAthy’s Smart Stuff – 4 Books In One – Tannen Publications

Gilbert Handkerchief Tricks (Alfred C. Gilbert) – Copyright 1920

Grant Presents Super Magical Secrets (U. F. Grant)

Great Tricks Revealed (Will Goldston) – 4th Impression 1955

Hand Shadows To Be Thrown Upon The Wall (Henry Bursill) – Dove Edition 1967

Harry Anderson’s Games You Can’t Lose – A Guide For Suckers (Anderson/Pipki)

Harvey Rosenthal Presents Hole Flight

Hen Fetsch’s Multi Magic Glass – 20 Practical Effects – Max Holden Exclusive

Henny Youngman’s Bar Bets, Bar Jokes, Bar Tricks – (Youngman) Copyright 1977

Horace Bennett’s Prize Winning Magic (Edited By Hugh Miller) – Supreme Magic

Houdini – The Man Who Walked Through Walls (William Lindsay Gresham)

Houdini – The Untold Story (Milbourne Christopher) – Pocket Books, New York

How To Be A Handcuff King (E-Z Magic) – Instruction Sheet

How To Make Your Own Trick Handcuffs – And Use Them (John Novak)

How To Produce Miracles (Ormond McGill) – Signet Book 1st Printing 1977

How To Sell By Magic (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 3rd Printing 1978

Human Pin Cushion Torture Box – Plans (Magic, Inc.)

Hypnotism Made Easy (Ralph Wynn, Ph. D.) – Copyright 1956

Hypnotism Made Practical (J. Louis Orton) – 10th Edition 1955

Hypnotism Revealed – Technique F/Hypnotizing & Self-Hypnosis (Melvin Powers)

Jaspernese Thumb Tie (Jay Marshall) – 2nd Edition 1959

Kardyro’s Kard Konjuring (Senor Torino) – Copyright 1955

Kid-Show Showmanship (Bruce Posgate) – Copyright 1961 – Abbott’s Magic Co.

Kid Stuff – Volume 2 (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 5th Printing 1981

Kid Stuff Volume 3 (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 5th Printing 1981

Kid Stuff Volume 4 (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 4th Printing 1981

Learn How To Be Handcuff King & Mystery Man

Learn Magic (Henry Hay) – Copyright 1947

Learn Magic (Henry Hay) – 1st Dover Edition 1975

Live Magic (W. O. Turner) – 2nd Printing – Abbott’s Magic Company

Magic And Mysteries Of India (Eddie Joseph) – Published By Abbott’s Magic

Magic At Your Fingertips (Milbourne Christopher & Hen Fetsch) – 1947

Magic For Bartenders (Senor Mardo) – 2nd Printing, January 1991

Magic For Non-Magicians (Shari Lewis & Abraham B. Hurwitz) – Signet 1977

Magic For The Few (Lance Charles) Copyright 1935

Magic From M-U-M (Compiled And Edited By Milbourne Christopher)

Magic Kit Secret Instruction Book – Fun, Inc. 1975

Magic Made Easy – 60 Tricks Anyone Can Do (John Thursday) – Copyright 1945

Magic Stage Illusions, Special Effects, & Trick Photography (Hopkins) – Dover

Magic To Delight (J. G. Thompson, Jr.) – Copyright 1970 – Louis Tannen

Magic With Cards – 113 Easy-To-Perform Miracles (Garcia & Schindler) – CR 1975

Magician’s Merchandising Manual (Tommy Windsor) – Copyright 1938 Abbott’s

Makeup Notes For Female Vampire – Copyright 1980 (M. Nuremberg – Magic World)

Makeup Notes For Old Age Female – Copyright 1980 (M. Nuremberg – Magic World)

Makeup Notes For Monster – Copyright 1980 (M. Nuremberg – Magic World)

Makeup Notes For Space Alien – Copyright 1980 (M. Nuremberg – Magic World)

Makeup Notes For The Devil – Copyright 1980 (M. Nuremberg – Magic World)

Martin Gardner’s 6th Book Of Mathematical Games From Scientific American

Masters Of Magic (Gene Wright) – A Pyramid Book – Copyright 1976

Max Maven’s Book Of Fortunetelling (Max Maven) – Copyright 1992

Meir Yedid’s Finger Fantasies (Harry Lorayne) – Copyright 1981 (2)

Merrill’s Knife Book (R. D. Merrill) – 1st Edition 1981

Midnight Fantasy Sketch Book (Wally Reid) – Copyright 1987 Tannen’s

Milk Pitcher Magic (Hen Fetsch) – D. Robbins & Co., Inc. 1962

Miracle Floating Light Effects! (Burling Hull) – Revised & Enlarged

Modern Magician’s Hand Book (William J. Hilliar) – Copyright 1902 – Signed

Modern Master Mysteries (Brunel White)

Modern Mysteries (G. C. Hines) – Copyright 1915

More Patter (Sid Lorraine) – Copyright 1950 – Abbott’s Magic Company

More Studies In Mystery (Eric C. Lewis) – L. Davenport and Company, London

More Tips On Tricks (Milbourne Christopher) – Copyright 1945

Necktie Magic (Frank Herman) – 2nd Printing 1978

Never Give A Sucker an Even Break/Tricks & Bets You Can’t Lose (John Fisher)

Oddities (Chuck Leach) – Copyright 1989 – Chazpro

On Stage – Bringing Out The Better Performer In You (Samuel Patrick Smith)

One Liners (Robert Orben) – 4th Edition – D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Ovette’s Tricks And Illusionettes (The Great Ovette) – Copyright 1944

Pages From Patrick’s Notebook (Patrick Page) – Copyright Martin Breese 1990

Patter (Sid Lorraine) – Copyright 1938 – Abbott’s Magic Company

Patter For Standard Tricks (Robert Orben) – 2nd Edition 1954 – Louis Tannen

Patter Punches (Sol Stone) – An Abbott Publication – Copyright 1947

Peter Samelson’s Theatrical Close-Up (Peter Samelson) – Copyright 1984

Play It Again Sam – Close-Up Magic Of Sam Schwartz (Sam Schwartz) – 1977

Politicking Magic (Jay Marshall & Senator Crandall)

Practical Hypnotism (Ed Wolff) – Copyright 1976 – D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Practical Magic (Niberco)

Professional Magic Secrets – Secret Instruction Book – Fun Inc. 1975

Professional Patter (Robert Orben) – 1st Edition 1950 – Louis Tannen

Publicity For Magicians (Robert B. Bernhard) – An Abbott’s Magic Publication

Ring-A-Ding’s Balloonatrix (Dwight Damon) – Copyright 1962

Roger’s Rubber Ark – One Balloon Zoo – Vol 2 (Roger Siegel) 5th Printing 1981

Ron MacMillan’s Symphony Of The Spheres

Routined Manipulation Finale (Lewis Ganson) – Published By Louis Tannen

Safety Chalk Talks (Tom McCormick) – Copyright 1971

Say “Hey I Can Do This” (Michael Decker) – Playtime Balloons 1992

Science Magic – 101 Experiments You Can Do (Ormond McGill) – Copyright 1984

Secrets Of Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – Copyright 1945

Secrets Of Ventriloquism (Calostro) – Copyright 1940

Si Stebbins Card Tricks And The Way He Performs Them

Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems (Max Andrews) – Published By Max Holden

Sleightly Sensational (Bill Simon) – Copyright 1954

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 11, Number 2, Winter 1986-87

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 11, Number 3, Spring 1987

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 11, Number 4, Summer 1987

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 16, Number 1, Fall 1991

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 16, Number 3, Spring 1992

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 16, Number 4, Summer 1992

Skeptical Inquirer – Vol 16, Number 2, Winter 1992

Sleight Of Tongue (Harry Allen) – Copyright 1982

Sleight Of Tongue In Cheek (Harry Allen) – Copyright 1984

Sneaky Feats – The Irresistible Art Of Showing Off (Ferrell/Eisenberg)- 1976

Sparks – The Funkenring Book (Brad Reeder & Bill Robinson) – Copyright 1986

Strictly Magic (Eddie Joseph) – Published By Abbott’s Magic

Studies In Mystery (Eric C. Lewis) – L. Davenport and Company, London

Superb Tricks (H. Adrian Smith) – Copyright 1952 Abbott’s Magic Co.

Tag Lines (Robert Orben) – 1st Edition, 2nd Printing

Thanks To Pepys (Bob Read) – 2nd Printing, July 1974

The Amateur Magician’s Handbook (Henry Hay) – 3rd Expanded Edition, Signet

The Amazing Cigar (Giovanni Livera & Jon Racherbaumer) – Copyright 1997

The Art Of Body Loading & Productions (Eddie Joseph) – An Abbott Publication

The Art Of Magic (T. Nelson Downs) – Dover Edition 1980

The Best Of Larry Becker’s World Of Super Mentalism – Book 2 – Copyright 1989

The Bounce No Bounce Ball Booklet (Daryl)

The Classics Of Magic – Napkin Folding – Vol 2 (Tom Osborne) – Copyright 1945

The Close-Up Magic Of Ray Mertz And Friends (William Miesel) – Copyright 1987

The Collected Works Of Alex Elmsley – Volume 1 (Stephen Minch) 1st Edition

The Complete Illustrated Book Of Close-Up Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – CR 1980

The Complete School Assembly Tour Book (David James White II & Mitzi)

The Cups And Balls (Senor Mardo) – Copyright 1955, Magic Limited

The Dai Vernon Cups And Balls (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic 1986

The Edison Of Magic & His Incredible Creations (Burling Hull) – 1st Edition

The Famous Flea Act (Tom Palmer) – 2nd Printing 1977

The Great Houdini (Beryl Williams/Samuel Epstein)- Scholastic Book Svcs. (3)

The Handcuff King Act (Burling Hull)

The Happy Birthday Business (Frances Marshall) – Copyright 1978

The Hindu Cups (Eddie Joseph) – Published By Abbott’s Magic Co.

The “How To” Book Of The Chop Cup (Merlyn T. Shute) – Morrissey Magic 1990

The Ideas And Inventions Of The Great Kovari (Kovari)

The Illustrated History Of Magic (Milbourne Christopher) – Copyright 1973

The Joy Of Juggling (Juggle Bug) – 2nd Edition 1982

The Kid Stuff Of Louis Bertol (Frances Marshall) – Copyright 1977

The Klutz Book Of Magic (John Cassidy & Michael Stroud) – With Props

The Klutz Yo-Yo Book (John Cassidy) Copyright 1987 – Comes With Yo-Yo

The Last Word On Cups And Balls (Eddie Joseph) – 1942 Abbott’s Magic Co.

The Magic 13 (David Ginn) – 2nd Printing, July 1973

The Magic Of Slydini (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic Publication 1980

The Magic World Of Stewart Judah (Stewart Judah) – Magic, Inc. 1966

The Make Up Book (T. William Smith & Michael Carrington)

The Merry Magical Christmas Book (Frances Marshall)

The Right Way To Do Wrong – An Expose’ (Houdini) – Gambler’s Book Club

The Secrets Of Houdini (J. C. Cannell) – Dover Publication 1973

The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book Of Magic (Compiled By Milbourne Christopher)

The Symbolism Of The Tarot – Philosophy Of Occultism (P. D. Ouspensky)

The Trade Show Handbook (Bud Dietrich & Dick Jarrow) – 2nd Printing 1976

There’s One Born Every Minute (Harry Blackstone Jr.)- Copyright 1976

Tips On Tricks (Milbourne Christopher) – Copyright 1942

Top Secrets Of Magic – Vol 3 (J. G. Thompson Jr.) – Copyright 1968

Trevor Lewis ESOLC – That’s Close-Up (Phil Willmarth) – Copyright 1981

Trick Technics – Paul Diamond Gems Of Magic – Book 4-1/2 (Richard G. Kraus)

Tricks And Illusions – For Amateur And Professional Conjurers (Will Goldston)

Tricks For The Few (Lance Charles) – Copyright 1933

TV Magic And You (Jay Marshall) – Copyright 1955

You Don’t Have To Be Crazy – But It Helps (Frances Marshall) – Copyright 1946

Ventriloquism (Kevin Davie) – 3rd Printing 1981

Ventriloquism – Magic With Your Voice (George Schindler) – Copyright 1979

Watch Closely (Jim Klayder) – Copyright 1978

What’s New In Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – Copyright 1956

Zolar’s Fortune Telling By Cards For Fun & Profit – Copyright 1968

Zolar’s Mental Magic Developed By Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge – CR 1968

Zufall’s Memory Trix – Number 3 – Calendar Memorizing

Zufall’s Memory Trix – Number 5 – Memorizing Numbers

Zufall’s Memory Trix – Number 6 – Memorizing Facts & Figures