Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #3 (New and Used)



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A Book of Magic For Young Magicians – The Secrets Of Alkazar (Allan Kronzek)

Big Book Of Magic (Patrick Page) – Written In Spanish

Big Laughs For Little People (Samuel Patrick Smith)

Blackstone’s Modern Card Tricks – New Revised Edition (Harry Blackstone)

Chung Ling Soo – The Man Behind The Legend! (Gary R. Frank)

Clown Skits For Everyone (Happy Jack Feder)

Dai Vernon’s Ultimate Secrets Of Card Magic (Lewis Ganson)

Floating Routines For Table And Stage (Ralf Wichmann – Braco)

Hofzinser’s Card Conjuring (Johann N. Hofzinser) – Dover Edition

Kiddie Patter & Little Feats Entertaining Pre-Schoolers (Samuel Patrick Smith)

Magic – A Collection Of Practical Magical Effects (Ho Yam)

Magic With Cards – 113 Easy-To-Perform Miracles (Garcia and Schindler)

Magigram Year Set – Volume 18 #5 January 1986 to Volume 19 #4 December 1986

Magigram Year Set – Volume 19 #5 January 1987 to Volume 20 #4 December 1987

Magigram Year Set – Volume 20 #5 January 1988 to Volume 21 #4 December 1988

Magigram Year Set – Volume 21 #5 January 1989 to Volume 21 #4 December 1989

Magigram Short Set – Volume 22 #5 January 1990 to Volume 22 #3 November 1990

Magigram – Volume 18 – Number 4 – December 1985

Magigram – Volume 18 – 1985-86 – Index of Contents

Magigram – Volume 19 – 1986-87 – Index of Contents

Meir Yedid’s Card Animations (Harry Lorayne)

Memoirs Of Robert Houdin – King Of the Conjurers (Lascelles Wraxall)

Professional Card Magic (Cliff Green) – Copyright 1961 By Louis Tannen

School Show Presentation – Volume 2 and 3 (David Ginn) – With Audio Cassette

The Big Book Of Magic (Patrick Page)

The Gene Maze Card Book (Richard Kaufman)

The Magic Handbook (Peter Eldin)

You Can Be A Magician (A. K. Thomas)