Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #14 (New and Used)



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7 Secrets (J. C. Wagner) – Copyright 1990 – L & L Publishing

25 Rising Card Tricks (Revised, Updated & Enlarged – Magic, Inc. 1970)

25 Tricks And Ideas With A Square Circle (Don Tanner) – Copyright 1980

25 Tricks And Ideas With The Crystal Silk Cylinder (Don Tanner) – CR 1980

50 Magical Miracles (Abracadabra Magic Shop)

50 Methods Of Producing A Silk (U. F. Grant) – Published By Magic Inc.

50 Tricks You Can Do/You Will Do/Easy To Do (W. F. Steele) – Copyright 1946

75 Tricks With A Stripper Deck (A. Stevenson) – 2nd Revised Edition

75 Tricks With A Svengali Deck (Al Stevenson) – Copyright 1964

102 E-Z Magic Tricks (David Robbins) – Copyright 1944

102 E-Z Magic Tricks (David Robbins) – Copyright Renewed 1972, D. Robbins & Co

125 Tricks With Cards Or Sleight Of Hand (Anonymous)

150 Tricks And Games (Wehman Bros.) – Copyright 1939

202 Methods Of Forcing (Ted Annemann) – 4th Printing, 1974

A Bag Of Tricks (Will Lindhorst) – Copyright 1931

A Card Session With Peter Kane (Peter Kane) – 2nd Edition 1976

A Conjuring Melange (Stanley Collins) – Fleming Book Company 1947

A Further Card Session With Peter Kane (Peter Kane) – 1st Edition 1975

A Lifetime In Magic (Percy Abbott) – Copyright 1960 – Abbott’s Magic Co.

A World Of Clocks (Roy Johnson) – 1st Printing, July 1984 – Jeff Busby

Adams’ Illustrated 110 Great Magic Tricks (Dave Robbins) – Adams Publisher

Algonquin McDuff’s Watch Winder Handbook – Copyright 1992, 2nd Edition

Andrus Deals Again – Hide Away Card & Fold Away Card (Copyright 1957)

Annemann’s Complete One Man Mental And Psychic Routine (Theo Annemann)

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects (Theo Annemann)

Annemann’s Miracles Of Card Magic (Published By Max Holden, 1948)

Another Card Session With Peter Kane (Peter Kane) – 1st Edition 1971

Appearing Soda Can Magic (Jeff Stewart) – Copyright 1984

Artful Dodges (Eddie Fields) – Copyright 1976, Louis Tannen Inc.

Audley V. Walsh’s Dice Dexterity (Walsh & Mishell) – Copyright 1953, L. Tannen

Back To Back – Jeff Busby’s Small Packet All Backs Routine (1st Edition, 1977)

Balloon Modeling Course – Vol 1 (George Sands) – Copyright 1971

Balloon Modeling Course – Vol 2 (George Sands) – Copyright 1972

Balloonasaurs And Dinobubbles (Stan McGahey) – Copyright 1989 (3)

Bar Room Balloons (Roger Siegel) – 4th Printing, 1980, Magic Inc.

Berland Book Of Routines – Vol 1 (Samuel Berland) – Copyright 1950

Berland’s Match-Effex (Samuel Berland)

Berland’s Twenty Tricks With Wiztax (Sam Berland) – 4th Edition 1962

Bert Allerton’s The Close-Up Magician – Copyright 1958, Ireland Magic Co.

Between Cocktails – Intimate Tricks With A Packet Of Matches (Sid Fleischman)

Between Two Minds (J. G. Thompson Jr./Net Rutledge) – Copyright 1969 – Tannen

Birthday Ad-Vent-Ures (Liz Vonseggen) – Copyright 1988

Birthday Party Fun! (Mama Clown)

Black Art – 2nd Printing, 1974, Magic Inc.

Blow By Blow (Jim Sommers) – 3rd printing, 1982, Magic Inc.

Breakthrough Card System (Richard Osterlind) – 1st Edition, 1st Printing 1983

Capers With Color (Harold R. Rice) – Copyright 1943

Card-Kerchiefs & Their Magic (Magic, Inc.) – Copyright 1980

Card Manipulations – Series #1 and #2 (Jean Hugard) – Copyright Max Holden

Card Secrets Of Bruce Cervon – The Real Work Series #1 (1st Edition, 1976)

Card Tricks For Cardicians (Magic, Inc. Compilation) – 2nd Printing 1980

Cardmania (Doug Edwards) – Copyright 1978 – Tannen Magic Co.

Case For Cards (Stewart James) – Published By George Armstrong, 1958

Cervon Presents: Perpetual Motion Poker Routine (Instruction Booklet Only)

Chalk Talk Stunts (Harlan Tarbell) – Copyright 1926

Chap’s Scrapbook 1-24 (Frank Chapman)

Cigarette Magic (D. Deveen) – Wehman Bros. Publishers

Classic Clowning (Nat Litt & Don Stambaugh)

Clever Card Tricks (Maxwell) – Copyright 1934, Max Holden (2)

Close-Up A-Ginn (David Ginn) – 2nd Printing With New Cover, August 1978

Close-Up A-Ginn (David Ginn) – 3rd Printing, April 1988

Close-Up Magic (Jean Hugard) – 3rd Printing – Louis Tannen 1964

Close-Up Time With Don Alan (Don Alan) – Reprinted 1960, Ireland Magic Co.

Clown Hits & Skits (Richard “Zeppy” Strelak & Marty “Dr. Professor” Sherman)

Coin Magnetrix (Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur Kraft) – Copyright 1973

Come A Little Closer – 8 Sessions Of Close-Up Magic (Copyright 1953, London)

Come Good Spirits (Eddie Joseph) – Copyright 1948 – Abbott’s Magic Co.

Come Out Flying (Frances Ireland Marshall) – Copyright 1960

Conceptual Illusions (John Patry) – 1st Printing, September 1989

Confessions Of A Psychic (Uriah Fuller) – Copyright 1975 – Karl Fulves

Conrad “Connie” Bush’s Color Isolation (Joseph Schmidt) – CR Jeff Busby 1988

Creative Secrets #1 (John Cornelius) – Copyright 1988

Daryl’s Ambitious Card Omnibus (Stephen Minch) – Published in 1987

Deck Deception (Ed Marlo) – 5th Printing, 1976, Magic Inc.

Dewey’s Amusing Rubber Antics (Ralph Dewey) – Copyright 1989

Dewey’s Celebrity Balloons (Ralph Dewey) – Copyright 1994

Dewey’s Zany Balloons (Ralph Dewey) – Copyright 1991

Diary Of A Deranged Deck (Steve Beam) – Copyright 1980 – Signed (2)

Dick Zimmerman’s Way Out Of This World (Dick Zimmerman) – Copyright 1992

Do That Again (Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle, Jr.) – Max Holden Copyright 1939

Do The Stuff That’s You #2 (Chris Carey) – 1st Edition, October 1991

Don Alan’s Pretty Sneaky (Don Alan) – 3rd Edition, 1968, Magic Inc.

Dorny On Trix (Werner C. Dornfield) – Copyright 1954, Ireland Magic Co.

Early Marlo (Edward Marlo) – 1976 Enlarged Edition, Magic Inc.

Ed Marlo On The Acrobatic Cards (Ed Marlo) – Copyright 1968, Magic Inc.

Effervescent Effects (Julius Hopkins) – Copyright 1962

Entertaining With Jacob’s Ladder (Mark Nilsen) – Copyright 1990

Estimation (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1971

Exhibition Card Fans (Goodlette Dodson) – Renewed Copyright 1963 (2)

Expert Hocus Pocus (Alton C. Sharpe) – Copyright 1973, Louis Tannen, Inc.

Fantasio – Cane And Candle Book #2 (David Ginn) – 3rd Printing, Sept 1978

Fantasio – Cane And Candle Book #4 (Ginn/Holmes) – 1st Edition, June 1981

Fantasio – Cane And Candle Book #5 (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, May 1982

Fantasio #6 – Color Changing Lighter (David Ginn/Jim Kleefeld) – 1st Edition

Faro Fantasy (Paul Swinford) – Copyright 1968

Fifty Ways To Use A Card Box (Don Tanner) – Published By Magic, Inc.

Find The Ace – A Book About Three Card Monte (Leo Behnke) – Copyright 1993

Fingertip Control (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1969

Flash Paper Tips (Stuart Robson/Ralph W. Read) – Copyright 1951, Louis Tannen

Fooling The World (Howard Thurston) – 1st Edition, Copyright 1928

For Close-Up Magicians – Eyes Only! (Ben Harris) – Signed

Frank Garcia Tells It All In A Nutshell (Frank Garcia) – 1st Edition 1974

Fun With Chalk Talk (Harlan Tarbell) – Copyright 1931

Fun With Face Paints (Jacqueline Russon) – Copyright 1996

Further Adventures Of The Seven In One (Jack Chanin) – Copyright 1938

Future Reverse (Ed Marlo) – 3rd Printing, Revised Format, 1972, Magic Inc.

Glenn Gravatt’s Treasure Trove Of Tricks – Copyright 1971

H. C. Bjorklund’s Trickartoons – Book 3 (Harry C. Bjorklund)

Handbook Of telephone Telepathy (Al Forman) – Copyright 1963

Hindu Magic (Hereward Carrington) – Copyright USA, 1909

History And Origin Of Playing Cards (Zovello) – Copyright 1935

Hoffman’s Tricks – Miscellaneous (Professor Hoffman)

Hoffman’s Tricks With Cards (Professor Hoffman)

Hold-Out Miracles (Ed Mishell) – Copyright 1976, Louis Tannen Inc.

Houdini On Magic (Walter B. Gibson & Morris N. Young) – Dover Book, 1953

Houdini: The Untold Story (Milbourne Christopher) – Copyright 1969

Houdini’s Paper Magic (Houdini) – 3rd Printing, May 1929

How To Be A Magic Clown (Ernie Kerns) – 6th Printing, 1988, Magic Inc.

How To Chalk Talk (Harlan Tarbell) – Copyright 1924

How To Perform Mental Magic (Al Baker)

How To Remember Names & Faces (David M. Roth) – 1966 Edition

Howard Thurston’s Card Tricks (Howard Thurston) – Copyright 1903, Henry Wehman

Hugard’s Annual Of Magic 1938-1939 (Jean Hugard) – Max Holden 1939

I Want One Of Those Balloon Hats (Huggles The Clown) – Copyright 1986

Invisible Secrets Revealed/New Routines With Invisible Deck (Fields/Schwartz)

It’s In The Bag – 25 Tricks & Ideas With Cloth Bags (Don Tanner) CR 1978

J. C. Grand Finale – Silks At Your Fingertips (Jack Chanin) – Copyright 1940

Jinx Program #2 (Published By Louis Tannen)

Jinx Program #5 (Published By Max Holden)

Joe Karson’s The World’s Fastest Card Trick (Joe Karson) – Copyright 1948

John Mulholland’s Book Of Magic (John Mulholland) – Copyright 1963

Kardyro’s Kard Konjuring (Senor Torino) – Published By Louis Tannen

Kid Stuff (Frances Ireland Marshall) – 6th Printing, 1982, Signed

Kundalini Rising (Jeff McBride) – Instructional Booklet Only

La Monica’s Balloon Sculptures (Joe La Monica)

Learn How To Be A Handcuff King & Mystery Man (Johnson Smith & Company)

Let’s See The Deck! (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing 1964

Magic Card System (Published By Abbott’s Magic Co.)

Magic Coin Tricks Anyone Can Do (T. Nelson Downs) – Copyright 1941, Max Stein

Magic Explained (Walter B. Gibson) – Copyright 1958

Magic For The Civic Club (Earl Reum) – Copyright 1968, Magic Inc.

Magic From Which Memories Are Made! (Ben Harris) – Copyright 1981

Magic With Everyday Objects (George Schindler) – Copyright 1976

Magneticoins (Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur Kraft) – Copyright 1971

Making Magic Pay (H. Syril Dusenbery)

Mamma Mia Card Act – A 15 Minute Card Act With Comedy Patter (Aldo Colombini)

Marlo Meets His Match (Ed Marlo) – Copyright 1959, Ireland Magic Co.

Marlo’s Objectives (Ed Marlo) – Copyright 1973, Magic Inc.

Master Lock Routine (Earle Oakes) – Manuscript

Mental Magic With Cards (Jean Hugard) – Copyright 1970 – D. Robbins & Co.

Mind Melds (Stephen Minch) – Copyright 1984 – Micky Hades

Minute Magic (Clettis Musson) – Copyright 1953, Ireland Magic Co.

Miracle Card Changes (Edward Marlo) – 3rd Printing, 1975

Miracle Methods #1 – The Stripper Deck (Hugard/Braue) – Copyright 1943

Modern Card Tricks & Secrets Of Magic (Harry Blackstone) – Copyright 1929

More Balloonasaurs And Dinobubbles (Stan McGahey) – Copyright 1994

More Card Manipulations (Jean Hugard) – Copyright 1938, Max Holden

More Card Manipulations #3 (Jean Hugard) – Copyright 1946, Max Holden

More Faro Fantasy (Paul Swinford) – Copyright 1971

More Magic (Professor Hoffmann) – David McKay Publisher

Movie Monsters – Monster Make-Up & Monster Shows To Put On (Alan Ormsby)

My Best Card Trick (Avis/Haxton/Koran/Southall/Stuthard/Victor/Warlock) – 1953

My Best Close-Up Trick (Baron/Bernard/Davenport/Elmsley/Francis/Victor) – 1954

Mysteries – Mental Magic For Magicians (T. A. Waters) – Copyright 1994

Never In A Lifetime (Paul Curry) – Original 1975 Manuscript

New Jumping Backs/Astonishing Routines With Gimmicked Cards (Jose De La Torre)

New Twists F/Balloon Workers (Jack Dennerlein) – 4th Printing, 1982, Magic Inc

Nothing In My Hands (John Stanfield) – Copyright 1954

Now You See It – Easy Magic For Beginners (Broekel & White, Jr.) – 1979

Off The Top (Ed Marlo) – 4th Printing, 1974, Magic Inc.

Offering (Ron Vergilio) – Copyright 1976

One Balloon Zoo (Jimmy Davis) – 10th Printing, 1984, Magic Inc

One Man Mental Magic (Milbourne Christopher) – 1st Edition, 1952

One Man Mental Magic & More One Man Mental Magic (Christopher) – 2nd Edition

Original Ideas In Magic (Lloyd W. Chambers) – 1st Printing, Copyright 1941

Ovette’s Tricks & Illusionettes (The Great Ovette) – CR 1982, D. Robbins & Co.

Paul Curry Presents “The Power Of Thought” – Original 1947 Manuscript

Paul Diamond Entertains (Copyright 1986, Martin Breese Publishing Ltd.)

Peerless Prestidigitation (Herbert De Caston) – Copyright 1910, London (2)

Pithy Patter For The Parlor And The Professional Prestidigitator (Lawrence)

PK Magic Book – Volume 1 (Chuck Leach) – 4th Printing, February 1991

PK Magic Book – Volume 2 (Chuck Leach) – Copyright 1992

Power Of Concentration (Louis Tannen, Inc.)

Practical Magic (David Robbins) – 2nd Printing, D. Robbins & Co., Inc. (2)

Prankly Speaking (Steve Kissell) – Copyright 1992

Producing Lighted Cigarettes (Loyd) – 1st Edition 1936

Put On A Happy Face (Mama Clown) – Printed June 11, 1987

Quality Magic (Okito) – Published By Will Goldston Limited, London

Quick-Change Silk (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, 1st Printing September 1971

Rick Johnsson’s Strike One – An Impromptu Miracle With Matchboxes – 1973

Rough Stuff (Joe Berg & Al Aldini) – Copyright 1956

S. B. S. – Same Both Sides – A Unique Book Of Card Tricks (13 Contributors)

Safety Pin-Trix (Jerry Andrus) – Copyright 1955 (With Pins)

Sand Slide (George Sands)

Seconds, Centers, Bottoms (Ed Marlo)

Sh-h-h-! It’s A Secret (Theo Annemann) – Published By Louis Tannen

Show Stoppers With Cards (Jean Hugard/Fred Braue) – Signed (2)

Showmanship And Presentation (Edward Maurice) – Copyright 1946

Side Steal (Ed Marlo) – A Magic Inc. Reprint, 1975

Silk At Your Fingertips – Grand Finale! (Jack Chanin) – Copyright 1952

Silk Potpourri (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1979

Simple Magic Tricks (Dave Robbins) – Publisher S. S. Adams Company

Sleight Intended (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

Sparky’s One Balloon Menagerie (Sparky The Magic Clown) – Copyright 1969

Speed Reader Plus (Ronald Dayton) – Copyright 1992 – Neal Prete (NPMP)

Spooky Tricks (Rose Wyler & Gerald Ames) – Copyright 1968

Steve Shaw’s Psychokinetic Time (Steve Shaw) – Copyright 1992

Successful Magic (Pavel)

Super Cents – Trix With Giant Pennies (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1975

Super Sensitive Fingertips (Howard Albright) – Copyright 1948 – Abbott’s Magic

Table Hopping (Bruce Posgate) – Copyright 1974, Haines House Of Cards

Tarbell’s Chalk Talk Book – Rapid Fire Novelties (Harlan Tarbell)

Ted Annemann’s Full Deck Of Impromptu Card Tricks – Published By Louis Tannen

The Amateur Magician’s Handbook (Henry Hay) – Hard Covers – Copyright 1950

The Art Of Eddie Joseph (Edited By Hugh Miller) – Supreme Magic 1978

The Art Of Illusion (Will Ayling) – Edited By Hugh Miller – Supreme Magic Co.

The Blue Book Of Mentalism (Phil Goldstein)

The Bottle Book (Norm Nielsen) – Copyright 1988

The Business Merger Book (Bennett/Ammar/Weber/Green) – Copyright 1984

The Change Raisers (W. M Tucker) – New Material Copyright 1992

The Close-Up Magic Of Daniel Cros (Daniel Cros)

The Colorful Magic Of Alberto Sitta (Copyright Martin Breese 1987)

The Complete Guide To Billet-Switching (Corinda/Ralph W. Read) – Louis Tannen

The Complete Guide To The Miracle Cups And Coins (Ronjo)

The Craft Of Magic And Other Writings (Eugene Burger) – Copyright 1984

The Enchanted Land Of Balloonia (Stan McGahey) – Copyright 1993

The Faro Shuffle (Edward Marlo) – 3rd Printing, 1972

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – Crossbet II (Huey Mahl)

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – How To Win At Stud Poker (James Wickstead)

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – Spotlight On The Card Sharp (Lawrence Scaife)

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – Stud Poker Blue Book (George H. Fisher)

The Green Book Of Mentalism (Phil Goldstein)

The Incorporated Strange Secrets (Annemann) – Max Holden 1939

The Killer Kitson Miracle – Bob Sheets Presents (Jon Racherbaumer)

The Last Word – A Practical Book Test (David Harkey) – Copyright 1988

The Last Word Blindfold Methods (Volta aka Burling Hull) – Copyright 1946

The Magic Hat (Remco Toys Inc.) – Instructional Booklet Only

The Magic Seven (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1973

The Master Magicians (Walter B. Gibson) – Copyright 1966

The Modern Conjurer (C. Lang Neil) – 2nd Printing 1947

The Money Magic Of Mike Bornstein (Oscar Weigle) – 3rd Printing 1981

The Multiple Shift (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1972

The Only 3 Ways To Book Your Show (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, December 1996

The Pitchman’s Svengali Routine (Eddie St. John) – Micky Hades 1981

The Professional Touch (Monk Watson) – Copyright 1945, Abbott’s Magic Co.

The Radio Vision Mind Reading Code (Calostro) – Copyright 1940

The Red Book Of Mentalism (Phil Goldstein)

The Royal Treatment (Robert McDaniel) – Copyright 1981, D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

The Science Of Numerology – What Numbers Mean To You (Walter B. Gibson) – 1927

The Secrets Of Karl Germain (Stuart Cramer) – Copyright 1962

The Sorcerer’s Secrets – Eclipse Effects (Jay Scott Berry) – Copyright 1990

The Surprising Magic Of Tel Smit (Copyright By Henk Vermeyden)

The Tabled Palm (Ed Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1976

The Three Shell Game (Ralph W. Read) – Copyright 1976 – Lee Grey

This Is Magic (Loring Campbell) – Copyright 1945 – Abbott’s Magic Co.

This Is Magic (Will Dexter) – 1st Edition 1958

Thru The Dye Tube (Harold Rice & W. T. Van Zandt) – Copyright 1943

Thurston’s Easy-Pocket-Tricks (Howard Thurston) – 4th Edition, Copyright 1915

Tom Prete’s Magic Arts – Dave Winkler’s Acardemy Awards (Instruction Booklet)

Tom Prete’s Magic Arts – Quick As A Wink-ler (Instruction Booklet)

Tommy Windsor’s Dye Box Book (Copyright Renewed 1975, D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Tommy Windsor’s Street Faker Act (E-Z Magic) – 1947, D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

Top Secrets Of Magic – Vol 1 (J. G. Thompson, Jr.) – 2nd Edition, Tannen

Top Secrets Of Magic – Vol 2 (J. G. Thompson, Jr.) – Copyright 1967

Tricks & Treats (Dr. Ben B. Braude) – By Haines House Of Cards, Signed

Tricks From The Wax Museum (Ron Frost) – Copyright 1980 (2)

Tricks With Coins (T. Nelson Downs) – Copyright 1902

Tricks With Daub (Ed Marlo & Bill Gusias) – Ireland Magic Company

Tricks With Watches – New & Original (Samuel Berland) – Copyright 1942

Trigger – Card Tricks Using Unprepared Cards (Roy Walton) – Copyright 1976

Twenty Stunners With A Nail Writer (Franklin M. Chapman) – 3rd Edition

U. F. Grant’s Magic With Rings N’ Things (Don Tanner) – Copyright 1977

Your Deck Your Card (Kardyro) – Copyright 1948, Sidney H. Radner

Val Evans’ Stop Trick Of Tomorrow (Lee Jacobs) – Copyright 1979 (2)

Variations (Earl Nelson) – Revised Edition 1979

Varied Deceptions (Milbourne Christopher) – Printed In England, Harry Stanley

Watch This One! (J. B. Bobo) – Copyright 1947

Woffledusters (Frank Zella) – Copyright 1977, Popular Magic Publications

Wonderful Routines Of Magic (Ellison Poland) – 1st Edition 1969 – Signed

Words About Wizards (Robert Parrish) – Copyright 1994

Wrinkles (S. Willson Bailey & Harold A. Osborne) – Copyright 1910