Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #16 (New and Used)



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400 Tricks You Can Do (Howard Thurston) – Copyright 1948, Doubleday & Co.

A Beginner’s Book Of Magic (Francis J. Rigney) – Copyright 1960

A Magic Variety Show (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

A Pocketful Of Miracles (Hugh Miller) – 2nd Impression, 1978, Supreme Magic

A Real Book About Magic (Joseph Leeming) – Copyright 1951

Aces High – A Sequence Of Four 4 Ace Effects (S. Leo Horowitz/Dr. Jacob Daley)

Al Baker’s Magical Ways And Means (Al Baker) – 2nd Edition, 1946

Al Baker’s Pet Secrets (Al Baker) – 1st Edition, 1951

All The Secrets Of Magic Revealed (Herbert L. Becker) – Copyright 1994

All Wind & Twists – Modelling With 1 Balloon (Doug Brearley) – Reprinted 1992

Another Close-Up Cavalcade (Jerry Mentzer) – 1st Edition, 1975

Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects – Copyright 1963, Louis Tannen

Art And Artifice And Other Essays On Illusions (Jim Steinmeyer) – CR 1998

Astonishing New Twists With Paul Harris’ Reality Twister (Pete McCabe)

Baker’s Bonanza (Hugh Miller) – 2nd Impression, 1978, Supreme Magic Co.

Balloon Fun – Amazing Balloons (Nick Huckleberry Beak) – Copyright 1996 (2)

Balloon Toons (Bob Wooding) – Copyright 1989

Balloon Magic (Marvin L. Hardy) – Copyright 1987

Bill Severn’s Impromptu Magic (Bill Severn) – Copyright 1982

Blackstone’s Secrets Of Magic (Harry Blackstone) – Copyright 1958 Doubleday Co

Blackstone’s Tricks Anyone Can Do (Harry Blackstone) – 1993 Carol Publishing

Blue Pencil Balloons (Part 3 Of All Wind & Twists) – Doug Brearley – CR 1975

Body Magic (John Fisher) – Copyright 1979

Bruce Cervon’s The Black & White Trick (Mike Maxwell) – 1st Edition, 1989

Card Control (Arthur Buckley) – 1st Edition, 1946

Card Tricks For Everyone (Ellis Stanyon) – 4th Printing, 1974

Cards – Astound Your Audience – Vol 1 (Verrall Wass) – 1st Edition, 1936

Chalk Talks For Sunday School (Harlan Tarbell) – Copyright 1928

Chanin – The Man With The Magic Hands (David E. Haversat) – Copyright 2002

Close-Up Cavalcade (Jerry Mentzer) – 3rd Printing, 1975

Close-Up Cavalcade – Finale (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1977

Clown Act Omnibus (Wes McVicar) – Copyright 1987, Meriwether Publishing

Clown Skits For Everyone (Happy Jack Feder) – Copyright 1984

Complete Course In Pick Pocketing (Pierre Jacques) – Copyright 1983, Tannens

Conjuring (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Cyclopedia Of Magic (Henry Hay) – Copyright 1949

Doug Edward’s Packs A Wallop! (Harry Lorayne) – Copyright 1997

Eddie Fechter’s Dice Holdout Methods F/Magicians (Jerry Mentzer) – 1st Edition

Everybody’s Book Of Magic (Will Dexter) – 1st Edition, July 1956

Finger Puppet – Puppet Ideas For Fingers (Thomasina Smith) – Copyright 1996

Fire Eating (Benjamin Garth & Jeffrey W. Cowan) – Copyright 1993

Forging Ahead In Magic (John Booth) – Copyright 1939, Kanter’s Magic

Get Your Show On The Road (Keith Johnson) – Copyright 1997

Gilbert Knots & Splices With Rope Tying Tricks Of Famous Magicians – CR 1920

Great Tricks Revisited (Robert Parrish) – Copyright 1995 (2)

Harry Anderson Wise Guy/From Street To Screen (Mike Caveney) – Copyright 1993

Hokus Pokus: Coin Tricks (Ib Permin) – Revised Edition, 1977

Houdini’s Escapes And Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – Copyright 1930

Houdini’s Escapes And Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – Soft Covers – 1976

Houdini’s Fabulous Magic (Walter B. Gibson/Morris N. Young) – Copyright 1961

Hoyle’s Rules Of Games (Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith) – Signet

Impact – Cards, Coins, Ropes & Rings (Aldo Colombini) – Still Sealed

Inside Magic (George L. Boston & Robert Parrish) – Copyright 1947

Joe Karson – Beyond Zombie (Michael E. Rose) – 1st Edition, 1999

John Carney’s Carneycopia (Stephen Minch) – 1st Edition, 1991

Just Juggle (Steve Cohen) – Copyright 1982

Kane (Peter Kane) – Copyright 1982, Magico Magazine

Kid Stuff Five (Frances Marshall) – Copyright 1975

Laughter Legacy (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, February 1998

Magic (Barrows Mussey) – Copyright 1942

Magic As A Hobby (Bruce Elliott) – Copyright 1948

Magic By Misdirection (Dariel Fitzkee) – 1987 Edition

Magic Card Tricks (Jack Mingo) – 1st Edition, 1995

Magic Fun For Everyone (Bill Severn) – 1st Edition, 1986 (2)

Magic In The Morris Manor (E. W. Bud Morris) – 1st Edition, 1974

Magic Stage Illusions/Scientific Diversions/Including Trick Photography, 1897

Magic With Everyday Objects (George Schindler) – 1st Edition, 1976

Magician’s Handbook – Herrmann The Great (H. J. Burlingame) – Copyright 1942

Making A Shadowgraph Show (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Mask Fun – Magical Masks Made At Home (Thomasina Smith) – Copyright 1996 (2)

Meir Yedid’s Incredible Close-Up Magic (Gary Ouellet) – 1st Printing, 1982

Modern Coin Magic (J. B. Bobo) – 1st Impression, July, 1952

Modern Handcuff Secrets For Magicians (Dick Norman) – Lee Jacobs, Copy #188

Modern Magic (George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.) – American Edition

More Wind & Twists – More 1 Balloon Modelling (Doug Brearley) – Copyright 1978

My Life As A Magician (H. Blackstone Jr.) – Minstrel Book Printing, 1992 (2)

Over 264 Instant Magic Tricks (The Amazing Dorian)

Paper Cutting (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Pleated Paper Folding (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Practical Lessons In Magic (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Professional Magic Made Easy (Bruce Elliott) – 1st Edition, 1959

Puppet Shows To Make (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Puzzles Old & New (Professor Hoffmann) – L. E. Hordern/Martin Breese Ltd, 1988

Rag Picture Shows (Eric Hawkesworth) – 1984, Supreme Magic

Reputation Makers (Harry Lorayne) – Soft Covers – Copyright 1971

Ringmaster (Kristopher Antekeier) – 1st Edition, 1989

Second Wind & Twists – More 1 Balloon Modelling (D. Brearley) – Reprinted 1986

Self-Hypnotism (Leslie M. Lecron) – 16th Printing, November, 1971

Showmanship For Magicians (Dariel Fitzkee) – 4th Edition, Magic Limited

Simple Science Experiments W/Optical Illusions, Water, Straws, Circles (Orii)

Simple Tricks For The Young Magician (Allen V. Green) – 1st Edition, 1955

Star Quality – The Magic Of David Regal (Harry Lorayne) – Copyright 1987

Successful Conjuring (Revised Edition, 1963, C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.)

Ted Lesley’s Para Miracles (Ted Lesley) – Book Still Sealed

The Art Of Invisible Thread (Jon LeClair) – Copyright 1997

The Best In Magic (Bruce Elliott) – Copyright 1956, Harper & Row

The Best Of Close-Up Magic (Walt Lees) – Copyright 1984, Magico Magazine

The Buckley Trilogy (Arthur Buckley) – Gambler’s Book Club

The Circus Moves By Rail (Tom Parkinson & Charles Philip Fox) – 1993 – Signed

The Five Biggest Ideas In Science (Charles Wynn & Arthur Wiggins) – CR 1997

The Handbook Of Mental Magic (Marvin Kaye) – Re-Issue 1985, Stein & Day

The Houdini Box (Brian Selznick) – Copyright 1991

The Klutz Book Of Magic (Cassidy & Stroud) – Copyright 1990 – With Props

The Life And Times Of Augustus Rapp (Augustus Rapp) – 1991, Meyer Books

The Magical World – Number 1, Volume 1, November 2, 1910 – Editor Max Sterling

The Magician’s Wand – History Of Mystical Rods Of Power (Joe Lantiere) – 2004

The Master Magicians – Their Lives & Most Famous Tricks (Walter Gibson) – 1966

The New Modern Coin Magic (J. B. Bobo) – Revised Edition, 1966, Magic Inc.

The Origami Handbook (Rick Beech) – A Hermes House Edition

The Pat Way To Con (Pat Conway) – Copyright 1987, Magico Magazine

The Successful Promoter (Ted Schwarz) – Copyright 1976

The Trick Brain (Dariel Fitzkee) – Copyright 1944

The Truth About Uri Geller (James Randi) – Revised Edition, 1982

This Baffling World (John Godwin) – Copyright 1968

Tricks Any Boy Can Do (Joseph Leeming) – Soft Covers, Hawthorn Books Inc., NY

Two Lectures On Theatrical Illusion (Jim Steinmeyer) – Copyright 2001

Warlock’s Way (Peter Warlock) – 2nd Impression, 1978, Supreme Magic Co.