Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #2 (New and Used)



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A Conjuring Melange (Stanley Collins) – Book Owned By Jack Chanin

Birds Of A Feather – Bird Dialogues (Published By Maher Studios)

Blackstone’s Modern Card Tricks And Secrets Of Magic (Harry Blackstone)

Card Sharp On Duty (Allan Hayden)

Close-Up Encounters (Don Morris)

Close-Up Seductions (Paul Harris)

Comedy Cow Dialogue (Sally Cowell)

Danger In The Cards (Michael MacDougall)

Effective Card Magic (Bill Simon) – First Edition

Escapes & More (Zanadu)

Fifty Card Tricks (Howard Thurston) – Published By Wehman Bros.)

Houdini’s Book Of Magic (Compiled By Ben Hamilton)

Illusions Illustrated – Magic Tricks You Can Perform (James W. Baker)

Lethal Magic – Using Lethal Tender Coin Set (Raleigh)

Magic For Magicians (Nightingale The Mystifier)

Marked Cards And Loaded Dice (Frank Garcia)

Milbourne Christopher’s Version For Stretching A Rope (Milbourne Christopher)

Milestone In Coin Magic (Fred C. Baumann)

New And Novel Knowledge (Jerry Mentzer)

Photo Tricks And Effects (Jacob Deschin, A. R. P.)

Pick A Card – Any Card? Card Forcing Techniques & Uses (Gabe Fajuri) (2)

Practical Magic (David Robbins) – 5th Printing 1981

Programmes Of Famous Magicians (Published By Max Holden) – First Edition 1937

Rice’s More Naughty Silks (Harold Rice) – Fourth Edition

Road Hustler (Robert C. Prus & C. R. D. Sharper)

Scotch & Soda, Copper & Silver, Gin & Tonic – 55 Tricks (Julie Detmer)

Secrets Of A Puerto Rican Gambler (Daryl) – 2nd Printing July 1980

The Card Expert Entertains (Dariel Fitzkee)

The Key To Winning At Dice – Formerly Radner On Dice (Sidney H. Radner)

The Magic World Of The Amazing Randi (James Randi)

The New Book Of Tricks (Published By Wehman Bros.)

Ultra Mental Deck – 50 Tips And Tricks (Geoffrey Hansen)

Walsh Cane Routines (Francis B. Martineau) – 3rd Printing 1967

You’d Be Surprised (R. Parrish/J. Goodrum) – Copyright 1963, Louis Tannen (2)