Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #17 (New and Used)



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12 Tricks With A Borrowed Deck (Martin Gardner) – 4th Printing, 1981

25 Wonderful Card Tricks With A Stripper Deck (Jim Sherman) – Manuscript

29 Clever Card Tricks With A Svengali Deck (Jim Sherman) – Manuscript

50 Crazy Card Stunts (U. F. Grant) – Published By Magic Inc. (2)

52 Amazing Card Tricks (W. F. “Rufus” Steele) – Reprinted by Lee Gray, 1973

101 Amazing Card Tricks (Bob Longe) – Copyright 1993, Sterling Publishing

125 Magic Tricks Performed With A Regular Deck Of Cards (Graham Putnam) (2)

150 Solitaire Games (Douglas Brown) – Reprinted Edition, 1985

333 Science Tricks & Experiments (Robert J. Brown) – Copyright 1984, Tab Books

A Devilish Miracle (Ed Marlo & Carmen Damico) – Copyright 1948

Aces High – A Sequence Of Four 4 Ace Effects (Horowitz & Daley) – Louis Tannen

Action Palm (Edward Marlo) – A Magic Inc. Reprint, 1975

An Introduction To Magic: 141 Professional Tricks You Can Do (Sherman Ripley)

And A Pack Of Cards (Jack Merlin) – Copyright 1964, Louis Tannen

Basic Skill With Cards (Jerry Mentzer) – 2nd Printing 1983

Best Jokes For All Occasions (Powers Moulton) – 7th Printing, January 1975

Best Jokes For All Occasions – Revised (P. Moulton) – 9th Printing, Nov 1962

Bill Severn’s Amazing Magic (Bill Severn) – 1st Edition 1992

Bill Severn’s Best Magic (Bill Severn) – Copyright 1990

Bill Severn’s Magic In 4 Acts (Bill Severn) – 2nd Paperback Edition 1994

Bill Severn’s Magic In Mind (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1993

Bill Severn’s Magic Money (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1993

Blackstone’s Tricks Anyone Can Do (Harry Blackstone) – Copyright 1948 (2)

By George, It’s Sandsational (George Sands)

Card Fan Productions (Edward Marlo) – 4th Reprinting, 1976

Card Magic By Manipulation – Revised Edition (Lewis Ganson) – Copyright 1976

Card Man Stuff (Al Leech) – 3rd Printing, 1976, Magic Inc.

Card Manipulations (Jean Hugard) – Copyright Max Holden

Card Switches (Edward Marlo) – 2nd Printing, 1972

Cardboard Connection (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1977

Cardmanship (Al Leech) – 2nd Printing, 1970, Magic Inc.

Cards And Cases (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1975

Charles Jordan’s Best Card Tricks (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1992, Dover

Classic Tackler (Phil Goldstein) – Copyright 1976

Close-Up Fantasies – Book 1 (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1980, Chuck Martinez

Close-Up Fantasies – Book 2 (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1980, Chuck Martinez

Close-Up Fantasies – Finale (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1981, Chuck Martinez

Conjuring With Christopher (Milbourne Christopher) – Copyright 1949 Max Holden

Counts, Cuts, Moves And Subtlety (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1977

Cub Scout Magic (Francis J. Rigney) – Copyright 1960

Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Magic – Part 1 (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Magic – Part 2 (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Magic – Part 3 (Lewis Ganson) – Supreme Magic

Diversions & Pastimes With Coins, Cards, String, Paper & Matches (R. Abraham)

Doing Magic For Youngsters (Bert Easley) – Copyright 1972, D. Robbins & Co.

Don’t Bet On It – Real Secrets Of 3 Card Monte (Frank Garcia) – Copyright 1978

Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks (Jean Hugard) – 2nd Edition, New York, 1940

Encyclopedia Of Impromptu Magic (Martin Gardner) – 1978, Magic Inc.

Exclusive Card Miracles (Frank Garcia) – Copyright 1980

Expert Card Technique (Jean Hugard/Fred Braue) – 1st Edition 1940

Expert Card Technique (Jean Hugard/Fred Braue) – 2nd Edition 1944

Expert Card Technique (Jean Hugard/Fred Braue) – 3rd Edition 1950

EverWorld/Mystify The Magician (K. Applegate) – 1st Scholastic Printing 2001

Faro Notes (Edward Marlo)

Feather Flowers From Nowhere (David Ginn) – 1st Edition, March 1981

Fell’s Beginners Guide To Magic (Walter B. Gibson) – 2nd Printing, 1976

Five Times Five (Richard Kaufman) – 1st Edition, 1992

For Card Men Only (Al Leech) – 3rd Printing, 1976, Magic Inc.

For Magician’s Only (Robert Parrish) – Copyright 1944

Frank Garcia Presents The Elegant Card Magic Of Father Cyprian, Copyright 1980

Germain The Wizard And His Legerdemain (Stuart Cramer) – Copyright 1966

Good Turns Twist (Jon Racherbaumer) – 1st Edition 1977

Greater Card Tricks (Eddie Joseph) – Copyright 1942, Abbott’s Magic Co.

Handbook Of Card Sleights (Al Leech) – 2nd Printing, 1966, Magic Inc.

Handkerchief Magic (Jean Hugard) – Dover Edition, 1974

Hex – A New Jinx Publication (Bill Madsen & Al Forgione) – Copyright 1969

Houdini On Magic (Walter Gibson & Morris Young) – Dover Publication, 1953

Houdini’s Big Little Book Of Magic (Harry Houdini) – Copyright 1927

Houdini’s Fabulous Magic (Walter Gibson & Morris Young) – 3rd Printing, 1963

How To Keep Your Magic Equipment From Gathering Dust (Geoffrey Williams) 1986

Illusions In The Round (Don Arthur) – Copyright 1993

Imagination: The Illusions Of Eugene Poinc (Micky Hades Publication, 1981)

International Magic Yellow Pages #7 – 1993 to 1995 (Wittus Witt)

It Can Be Magic – 13 Card illusions (J. Stewart Smith) – Copyright 1963

John Mulholland’s Book Of Magic (John Mulholland) – Copyright 1963

Kirk Charles’ Manual Of Restaurant Magic (Kirk Charles) – Copyright 1992

LePaul Presents The Card Magic Of Bro. John Hamman S. M. – 5th Printing, 1978

Magic And Showmanship (Henning Nelms) – Copyright 1969, Dover Books

Magic Comedy (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1974

Magic Explained (Walter B. Gibson) – 1st Edition, 1949

Magic For All Ages (Walter Gibson) – Copyright 1980, Wilshire Book Co.

Magic In Your Pockets (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1974

Magic Shows You Can Give (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1974

Magic The Great Illusions Revealed & Explained (David Charney) – 1976 Edition

Magic Tricks & Card Tricks (Wilfrid Jonson) – Copyright 1954, Dover Books

Magic Tricks For Children (Len Collis) – 1st U.S.A. & Canadian Edition 1989

Magic With Credit Cards (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1992

Magic With Paper (Bill Severn) – 1st Paperback Edition 1974

Magic With Small Apparatus: Vol 1 (Jules Dhotel, M.D.) – 1947 Fleming Book Co.

Magical Mentalia (G. E. Arrowsmith) – Copyright 1984, D. Robbins & Co.

Make-Up Monsters (Marcia Lynn Cox) – Copyright 1976

Mariano Palhinha’s Famous Fastened Card Trick – Copyright 1980 Lee Jacobs

Mariano Palhinha’s Interlocked Card Production – Copyright 1978 Lee Jacobs

Martin’s Miracles – The Magic Of Martin Lewis (Eric C. Lewis) – CR 1985

Mathematics, Magic And Mystery (Martin Gardner) – Copyright 1956, Dover Books

Million Dollar Card Secrets (Frank Garcia) – 1st Edition 1972

Modern Magic Manual (Jean Hugard) – Copyright 1939

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic (Betty MacDonald) – 1st Scholastic Printing 1987

My Mysteries: Original Conjuring Tricks (C. Ivor Smith) – London, 1924

Mystery Magic And Fun – Vintage Catalog From Warwick Press, Conimicut, RI

New Magic Of Japan 1988 (Compiled By Hiroyuki Sakai) – 1st Edition, 1988

One More Thought On Cards (J. Stewart Smith) – Copyright 1955

On The Up And Up – An Impromptu Rising Card Routine (R. Kaufman) – CR 1978

Origami – The Art Of Paperfolding (Robert Harbin) – Barnes/Nobel Edition 1979

Our Magic (Maskelyne & Devant) – 1946 Fleming Book Company

Outdoor Science Projects For Young People (George Barr) – Dover Edition, 1991

Outs, Precautions And Challenges (Charles H. Hopkins) – 2nd Edition, 1978

P. H. Break-Through (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1981

Packet Tricks (Jerry Mentzer) – 1st Printing 1982

Paul Gertner’s Steel And Silver (Richard Kaufman) – 1st Edition, 1994

Paul Harris In Close-Up Entertainer (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1979

Paul Harris In Las Vegas Close-Up (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1978

Paul Harris’ Super Swindle (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1977

Paul Rosini’s Magical Gems (W. F. “Rufus” Steele) – Copyright 1950

Personal Secrets (Harry Lorayne) – Copyright 1964, Louis Tannen

Professional Magic For Amateurs (Walter B. Gibson) – Dover Edition, 1974

Science Projects For Young People (George Barr) – 1st Dover Edition, 1986

Secrets Of 123 Old-Time Science Tricks & Experiments (Lanners) – 4th Printing

Self-Working Coin Magic (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1989, Dover Publications

Self-Working Handkerchief Magic (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1988, Dover Books

Self-Working Number Magic (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1983, Dover Publications

Self-Working Paper Magic (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1985, Dover Publications

Self-Working Table Magic (Karl Fulves) – Copyright 1981, Dover Publications

Scattershot (Phil Goldstein) – Copyright 1977

Simple Yet Effective Tricks With Cards (Jerry Mentzer) – Copyright 1982

Soap Bubbles – Their Colours & The Forces Which Mould Them (C. V. Boys)

Teach Yourself Magic (J. Elsden Tuffs) – 3rd Printing, 1975

The 2nd Mammoth Book Of Fun & Games (Richard B. Manchester) – Copyright 1980

The Breather – The Ultimate Crimp (Bob King) – 1st Printing, 1993

The Buckley Trilogy – Card Control (Arther Buckley) – Gambler’s Book Club

The Card Expert (Lynn Searles) – Copyright 1938, Abbott’s Magic Co.

The Card Expert (Lynn Searles) – 2nd Printing 1962, Abbott’s Magic Co.

The Complete Juggler (Dave Finnigan) – 3rd Edition, 1992

The Complete Mike Rogers (Mike Rogers) – Copyright 1975, Magic Inc.

The Deck Shell Book (Chazpro/Chuck Leach)

The Epitome Location – Non-Sleight-Of-Hand (Harry Lorayne) – Copyright 1976

The Expert At The Card Table (S. W. Erdnase) – 1963 Edition, C. T. Powner Co.

The Fine Art Of Magic (George G. Kaplan) – 1st Edition 1948, Fleming Book Co.

The Inner Circle (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1980

The Little Book Of Magic Tricks (Steven Zorn) – Copyright 1994

The Little Giant Encyclopedia Of Card & Magic Tricks (The Diagram Group) 1996

The Magic Of Paul Harris (Paul Harris) – 3rd Printing 1989, Jerry Mentzer

The Nikola Card System (Louis Nikola) – Copyright 1927

The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book Of Magic (Milbourne Christopher) – CR 1951

The Stein & Day Handbook Of Magic (Marvin Kaye) – 2nd Paperback Printing 1975

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Knots & Ropework (Geoffrey Budworth) – 2003

Tom Mullica Starring In Show Time At The Tom Foolery (Kaufman) – 2nd Edition

Your Lucks’s In Your Hand Or The Science Of Modern Palmistry (A.R Craig)- 1884

Westminster Wizardry (Frederick Montague, M. P.) Will Goldston Ltd, London

World’s Best Card Tricks (Bob Longe) – 1992, Sterling Publishing

World’s Best Coin Tricks (Bob Longe) – 1993, Sterling Publishing

World’s Best Magic Tricks (Charles Barry Townsend) – Paperback Edition, 1993