Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #5 (New and Used)



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175 More Science Experiments To Amuse And Amaze Your Friends (Terry Cash)

A Devilish Miracle (Edward Marlo & Carmen Damico)

Abbott’s Anthology Of Card Magic – Vol 1 (Compiled By Gordon Miller)

Abbott’s Anthology Of Card Magic – Vol 2 (Compiled By Gordon Miller)

Abbott’s Anthology Of Card Magic – Vol 3 (Compiled By Gordon Miller)

At The Table (Jon Racherbaumer)

Berland’s Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups – 25 Tricks (Sam Berland)

Berland’s Match-Effex – New Clever Tricks With Paper Matches (Sam Berland)

Berland’s Novel Cigarette Tricks (Sam Berland)

Championship Card Tricks (Jerry Lucas)

Close-Up And Personal (David Regal)

Come A Little Closer (John Derris)

Daryl’s Psychological Assembly Or The Jolly Jumping Jokers (Daryl)

David Ginn’s Comedy Magic Catalog (David Ginn)

Designing And Painting For The Theatre (Lynn Pecktal)

Essentials Of Stage Lighting (Hunton D. Sellman)

Formula One Close-Up (Randy Wakeman)

Half-A-Dozen Hummers (Bob Hummer)

Harry Anderson’s Games You Can’t Lose – A Guide For Suckers (Harry Anderson)

Haunted House Act (Mystery Castle) – Manuscript

Ibidem – Complete Set 1950’s – Volumes 1-12 (P. Howard Lyons)

If You’re The M. C. – What To Do – How To Do It (William Roulis)

Indian Showcase Series – Book 2 – The Magic Of Merriment (Solyl Kundu)

Indian Showcase Series – Book 3 – Show Us A Trick (Arun Bonerjee)

Indian Showcase Series – Book 4 – Magic & Story (Deepak Roy Chowdhury)

Indian Showcase Series – Book 5 – The Magic Of Mahadevananda

It Happened On Broadway (Myrna & Harvey Frommer)

Just Card Magic (Chas. C. Eastman)

Lighting The Stage – Art And Practice (Willard F. Bellman)

L. I. N. T. – Pocket Stuff For Close-Up Magicians (John Luka)

Modern Illusions (Tom Palmer)

Odds And Ends – Volume 1, Number 2 (Charles C. Eastman)

Pabular – Volume 1 – Complete 12 Issues

Pabular – Volume 4 – Issue Numbers 8 Through 12

Pabular – Volume 5 – 11 Issues – Missing Number 8

Pabular – Volume 6 – Complete 12 Issues

Packet Switches – Part 1 – (Karl Fulves)

Patterns Of Perfection – Inner Secrets Of The Magic Square (Sam Dalal)

Paul Curry Presents (Paul Curry)

Practical Magic – Original Close-Up and Stand-Up Gems (Niberco)

Psychotechnics: Advanced Psychic Methods (Myriam Ruthchild) (2)

Randky Wakeman’s Special Effects (Randy Wakeman)

Roughingly Yours (Aldini)

Secrets Of Magic – Ancient And Modern (Walter Gibson)

Sequel To The Mendoza Cups And Balls Routine – 4th Printing 1978

Special Effects (Paul Curry)

Stage Scenery – Its Construction & Rigging (A. S. Gillette)

Steranko On Cards (James Steranko) (2)

Teach-In (Harry Lorayne)

Tenyo Magic Catalog 2000

Tenyo Magic Catalog 2001

Tenyo Magic Catalog 2011

Tenyo Magic Catalog 2012

The Close-Up Magic Of Danny Tong (Dan Tong)

The Collected Almanac (Richard Kaufman)

The Commercial Magic Of J. C. Wagner (Mike Maxwell)

The Complete Illustrated Book Of Card Magic (Walter Gibson)

The Conjurors’ Book Of Stage Illusions (Mickey Hades Publication)

The New Handbook Of Stage Lighting Graphics (William B. Warfel)

The New York Magic Symposium – Collection 5 (Stephen Minch)

The Ultimate Card Trick Book – 70 Amazing Tricks (Eve Devereux)

The Very Best, Yet! – Commercial Close-Up & Stand-Up Magic (Dan Fleshman)

Theater Careers – A Comprehensive Guide To Non-Acting Careers In The Theater

This Is Magic – Secrets Of the Conjurers Craft (Will Dexter)

The Devil’s Bride Illusion (U. F. Grant)

Tips On Tricks (Melbourne Christopher)