Anti-Gravity Tube aka Heavy Air Tube


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Great for science demonstrations and a fun trick to watch.

This tube seemingly allows you to control gravity!

The audience gets to look through the tube. It really goes straight through inside having no obstructions, threads, or wires. The audience will be able to completely see through the tube from close proving its innocence.

Even after this examination, you will be able to capture gravity in the tube. To prove this you drop in a ball or egg, and they will remain in suspended animation, as they do not fall out the bottom of the tube. It can be worked either close up or on the platform. We took great care in creating this illusion to make it foolproof.

The metal painted tube is 6-1/2 inches high and 3 inches in diameter. The black spots are not just painted on to the trick. They are special commercial grade vinyl that helps create the perfect illusion. We supply the props for several effects. A Ping-Pong ball remains suspended in mid air and a rope mysteriously holds on to an unknown force. You can add other objects to fit your presentation.

Even liquids could be used. Our brief instructions hint on plenty of ideas.

Easy to do!