The Magic Light (Steve Michaels) – Number 14 of 100 Produced


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Effect: A small black box with three buttons and a light bulb is shown. The magician claims that the box can answer questions and even play games with the spectators. A card is selected and the box is asked to name the card. Numbers 1-10, and then Jack, Queen and King are called out, and the box lights on the appropriate choice. When the suits of cards are called out, it lights again to reveal the selection.

By lighting up for YES and remaining dark for NO, the box answers questions. Also, the box plays games by lighting the light; but you have to figure out which button will control the light.

You can have lots of fun with this. An electronic marvel. You’ll have them pulling out their hair over this one.

Everything can be totally examined both before and after.

We have checked out the unit and it works perfectly. Requires one 9-volt and three AA batteries for operation (not supplied).

Note: This custom made piece is marked as number fourteen of one hundred produced. No dates were given.