Atomic Magic (Ormond McGill)


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Acquired this vintage book from Magic Incorporated that has been in their storage vault. It is a new old stock early edition from many years ago, and as such, may have some rusty staple bindings and small rust stains on the covers or interior pages in the staple area. Otherwise in excellent condition.

A dandy book for the stage magician, with all the effects based on the Interplanetary Travel theme – the Science Fiction aspect, and with touches of atomic energy, space ships, rockets, weird, and fantastic!


Atomic Magic Presentation

Electronic Silk

The Construction Of An Atom

Nuclear Fission

The Flight Of The Rocket

Synthetic Life


The Anti-Gravity Ball

The Power Of Thought

The Force Ray

The Transformation Of Matter

Into The 4th Dimension

The Men From Mars

With presentation, patter, and illustrations.

Forty pages. Originally published by the Ireland Magic Company in 1951. This is a Magic, Inc. reprint dated 1981.