Woffledusters (Frank Zella)


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One of the most prolific writers magic has ever known is Frank Zella. Many manuscripts, routines, and individual effects have emerged from his fertile mind. For more than half a century Zella’s subtle magic has been published by U. F. Grant. You will find this book packed with excellent, subtle magic, routines, ideas, gags, one liners, etc. When we say there is something here for everyone we really mean it!

Contents includes:

J. W’s Matches

Reverse Pocket Gag

Corny Comedy Camera

The Hung Card

Coat Hanger From Shoulders

TV Card Frame Ideas

Big Card Little Card

Secret Santa

Banded Card

Dial To The Cut

Dial A Pocket

It Never Would Have Happened

That’s The Spirit

Mind Reading – All Alike Gag

Some Short Ones

More One Liners

One Card Pete

In The News

Your Sox?

Rope From Card Box

Tools Of The Trade

Conjurer’s Camouflage

Comedy Force

For The Boys

Balloon Vanish

Sucker Egg Vanish

Fake Knot

Stooged Stooge Card Routine

Magicians’ Special Introduction

The Double Wedding

Know-It-All Box

The Game Of Nim

On The Level

Spectators Alike

Your Foo Arm

Salt This One Away

Counterfeit Colors

Double Fooler

Pin Point News

A Trip To The Moon

Grant’s Visible But Unseen

Bulb Flight

2 – 5 – 8 – 11

A Trick Or Two

Soft covers; staple bound; 57 pages; copyright 1977 by Popular Magic Publications; printed by James D. King, Columbus, Ohio.