33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases (Burling Hull)


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Written by Burling Hull, one of the world’s greatest authorities on the subject.

The 65 illustrations make everything clear. The audience can furnish their own chains or ropes, but you can escape when you know the secrets explained in this remarkable book.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in the art of escape magic.

You’ll learn the secrets and the art of rope tying and methods of obtaining releases from ropes, chains and shackles.

Also includes some new cut and restored rope effects including a number of original ties and releases.

Houdini Did Not Steal This Book!

  • Introduction
  • Special Instructions For Beginners Suggestion As To Arrangement And Application
  • Handling Committee
  • Rope Tying And Release Methods
    • The Mysterious Knots
    • The Kellar Tie
    • The Improved Kellar Tie
    • The Figure 8 Tie
    • The Mysterious Tie
    • B. H. Strangle Rope Tie
    • Important Points
    • “New Spirit Tape Tie”
    • The Twentieth Century Tie
    • B. H. Triumph Tie
    • The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
    • The Excelsior Rope Tie
    • The Rings And Vest Trick
    • Novel Faked Rope
    • The Novelty Tie
    • Release
    • Cotton Bandage Test
    • The Cabinet
    • B. H. Collapsible Cabinet
    • B. H. Folding Cabinet
    • Tape Tie
    • The Vest Turning Trick
    • Vanishing Knots
    • Dissolving Knots
    • The Magic Knot
    • The Linking Ring
    • Borrowed Ring On Cord
    • The Master Challenge Of Mummy Tie, With 50 Of 75 Feet Of Rope
    • Being Tied In Any Position General Instructions
    • Tied In A Chair
    • The Siberian Transport Chain
    • B. H. Simplified Chain Release
    • The B. H. “Best” Chain Release
    • The B. And H. Chain Release
    • Mysto Shackle Escape
    • Ankle Shackle Escape
    • B. H. Chain Shackle Release
    • Spirit Locks
    • Old Model Spirit Locks
    • B. H. Spirit Lock
  • The Chained Sack Escape

Copyright 1975 by Burling Hull, New York.

Published by D. Robbins & Co. Inc.