World’s Greatest Magic Tricks – Aladdin The Magician


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Here’s a great little booklet of tricks to amaze and amuse your friends. You’ll learn some sercets to some very famous illusions made famous by some of magic’s greats of the past along with a good number of easy to do close-up effects that you can perform just about anyplace without any expensive apparatus or long hours of practice.

Some of the tricks your learn about are:

Vanishing Girl And Piano

Dime In The Orange

Hypnotized Cigar

The Walking Dime

Famous T Puzzle

After Dinner Miracle

Sawing A Woman In Half

Houdini Walks Thru A Brick Wall

The Magic Pins

51 Cent trick

Four Coins Into Five

Mind Reader

How To Force The Number 9

Plus other great tricks!

Soft covers; 15 pages; Copyright 1976; Paragon Products, Inc.

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