World’s Best Magic Tricks (Charles Barry Townsend)


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Make a knife levitate! Make a glass disappear through a table! Amaze your friends with magic memory! See everything with your X-ray vision! Pull a rope right through someone’s body!

These and a host of other amazing magic tricks…the world’s best…show that the impossible is possible, if you know the secrets behind them. Dozens of how-to illustrations and step-by-step directions from Master Magician Townsend, will make you a master magician, too. He’ll teach you the tricks and how to present them smoothly. He’ll also help you work out the running jokes and stories that will give your magic that flair of professionalism you want.

All you need is practice and a few household items. You’ll soon be performing more than fifty truly confounding feats of magic that your audience of friends will applaud. There’s plenty here for putting on your own shows, entertaining at parties, or pulling an impromptu trick out of your sleeve.