Badlands Bob II With Red Die Climax


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Instead of a prop, such as the original ‘Badlands Bob’, this could be considered a utility device. It can do the same effect as the original and the methodology is the same, but much more is possible.

One effect: The box and die are examined and a spectator puts a number upright in the box. The lid is closed and the box is handed to someone else to peek, then another person. When handed back to the first person, their number is still on top, but when the others are asked what number they saw, they all respond with different values although it’s impossible for the die to rotate!

Another possible effect: A red die and white die are examined, as is the box. The spectator chooses one of the dice (no force) and the magician puts the other inside  the box. After the spectator rolls a random number, it’s shown the magician predicted it with the matching number on top inside the box! The dice can be switched and the effect repeated.

The white die can be caused to change into a red die in the routine that is described with the included instructions from Viking Mfg.