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This is a pre-owned item we picked up from a magic estate buy-out. It does not come with any instructions so the original handling and effect are not known to us. It appears to be a transformation of the red cloth bag into a large array of colorful streamers. Not sure if a dove (or other item) was produced from the streamers or not.

From playing around with this we found that you are able to hide all the streamers inside a double wall of the bag which you then turn inside out. In this position the bag can be turned inside out again and the streamers will still remain hidden until you want to produce them because of the construction of the bag. You could place something into the bag and then have that item and the bag transform into the streamers. But that’s only a guess as to what this was originally designed for. It’s nicely made and everything is still in good condition. The only thing we can find is that a few of the cloth streamers are starting to fray a bit at their extreme bottom ends. Otherwise everything is good.