Ball and Tube – Locking (Viking Mfg.)


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Viking Mfg. is known for its brilliant brass work and this is no exception. A brass tube is displayed and can be handed out for examination. Just a simple brass tube that is used as a stand for a highly polished steel ball. The ball will not sink into the tube as the diameter of the ball is greater than the diameter of the tube.

The performer offers to demonstrate a ‘state of altered reality’. He places his hand over the ball as it rests on the tube and when lifted, the ball is seen to be floating INSIDE the tube! The performer now covers the opening of the tube for an instant and when he lifts his hand, the steel ball is again seen resting on top of the tube.

Could the performer be switching the ball for a smaller one? It’s impossible for the ball to enter the inner diameter of the tube as the ball is simply too large.

The performer offers to reveal the secret. It’s the heat of his hand. The performer places a finger tip against the ball and slowly pushes it into the smaller tube. The ball really does sink into the tube. Then the performer rubs the outside of the tube and slowly the steel ball rises to the top.

Everything is now handed to the spectator who is none the wiser. Nothing is added or taken away. A wonderful self contained close-up miracle! Only one steel ball is used. No switching required. It’s all in the very specially designed brass tube.

Supplied with a drawstring bag and complete instructions.