Black Hole (DeeJay Creations, Inc.)


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Good pre-owned condition. Comes with all the props and the original instructions and packaging envelope.

DEFINITION: In 1939 a noted scientist stated that it was possible for a star of great mass and low temperature to completely collapse into nothingness. This collapse would result in a gravitational field so intense that no matter or light could ever escape from it. Nothing could be seen of it and it would simply be a “black hole” in space.

And so this trick is based on the fact that anything which accidentally or intentionally enters a “black hole” is GONE for ever!

EFFECT – Part I…..The magician exhibits a small spaceship which seems to resemble a golf or library pencil and he also shows a small portable “black hole”. The “black hole” is placed on the spectator’s palm, the spaceship is carefully aimed and thrust into the “black hole” at which point it completely vanishes!

EFFECT – Part II…..The magician explains that the spaceship has been “docked” just above his right ear. He then offers to repeat the deception, but when the spaceship is ready for another voyage the “BLACK HOLE” HAS VANISHED!