Brass Bill Tube (India)


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A currency note or any other small object like a finger ring or a small key is borrowed from the audience. The audience is asked to mark the borrowed object in any manner they wish to facilitate identifying it at a latter time.

This borrowed object is placed in a hanky. This bill tube that has been locked with a small lock is handed to the audience along with the key to open the lock.

When the handkerchief is opened, the borrowed object seems to have vanished! When the audience opens the locked bill tube that has been in their possession, the borrowed object magically reappears in it.

This prop includes only the bill tube for producing the object. You may use any of your favorite methods to vanish the object.

This is a precision made brass prop and comes with a cute little lock. The secret in this prop can withstand even a close examination. With a little care this prop will last forever.

This bill tube stands at around 3″ tall.