Card Eraser (QH)


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This novelty eraser shows the picture of a Queen of Hearts on one side and is completely blank on the other side.

By using the “Paddle Move” the eraser can be made to look blank on both sides. Force the Queen on a spectator and then have it appear on the eraser!

Another idea (after you have shown the eraser to be blank and forced the card) would be to have someone write down the Queen of Hearts on a piece of paper and then using the eraser you erase the name and then show it has appeared on the eraser! You talk about the science of matter and how it can never be destroyed but only changed from one form to another, etc.

We’re sure the creative magician will find some great uses for this card eraser.

You receive just the eraser; no instructions.

Measures 2″ long by 1-1/4″ wide.