Card Rap (John Kaplan)


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Note: This came from a magician’s estate buy-out. Excellent condition. Complete with everything as originally supplied including the numbered performance rights license (not pictured).

Imagine taking Joe Riding’s “3 Card Trick Using 4 Cards” effect, using the Martin Lewis “Sidewalk Shuffle” cards, and the RAPPING IT UP with an original musical soundtrack and catchy lyrics about the day you encountered the slickest “Monte” man in town!

EXTREMELY VISUAL with riveting rhyming rap story – easily understood by audiences from children to adults!

COMPLETE AUDIO TRACK on CD – the studio-recorded “Card Rap” music, both with full vocals (that you can simply lip-sync to) and an instrumental version so you can add your own voice!

DURABLE VINYL CARDS ensure you enjoy a lifetime of performance use! Screen printed in 6.5 x 10.5 inches.  JUMBO size to be easily seen by large audiences. Packs flat and plays HUGE on stage or platform (and is terrific for birthdays!)

STEP-BY-STEP DVD INSTRUCTIONS make learning the routine EASY and FAST so you can add this to your program almost immediately!

BONUS DVD of a live performance in front of a mixed family audience – see exactly how to perform it and hear the enthusiastic reaction YOU’LL get by doing it in your shows!

Includes a NUMBERED PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENSE that authorizes you to perform this gem royalty-free anywhere!

100% professional routine… audience-tested in thousands of performances since 1996!

Once you’ve experienced the audience reaction you won’t want to do a show without it!