Card Stunts (Gregory Wilson) – DVD


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Card Stunts is Gregory Wilson’s complete close-up card act performed live from the Magic Castle. You’ll learn how to do it all! The explanations are thorough, and the material is some of the best in the world. If you perform with a deck of cards, this is a must-have DVD.

HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING – The card box magically and mysteriously jumps out of your pocket and back around the deck – TWICE!

PHOENIX SPLIT – Four aces magically appear at your fingertips one at a time with your sleeves rolled up!

RESET WITH A HOOK – A jacked-up, nitro-burning demonstration of derring-do that masterfully motivates why the four aces change place with the jacks. BOOMERANG CARD OF DEATH – A playing card shoots from the middle of the deck, high into the air, reverses direction mid-flight and plunges back into the deck between two selected cards with only one hand!

BOXSPRING – One at a time, the four aces sneak our of a completely closed and ungimmicked card case.

JOKE IN THE BOX – Finally, ‘Card Under Glass’ without getting your cards wet. The bone dry (signed if you like) joker jumps from the deck and under the card box twice. Then, for the surprise finish, instead of under, it goes inside the box! Gentlemen, start your Sharpies!

G FORCE – An unsuspecting spectator selects the same card three times in a row. You top things off with a transposition that leaves them in vertigo!

REVELATION IN SPADES – Find thirteen cards in a row – in perfect order!