Cigam (Walter A. Schwartz)


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First Edition, 1931. Soft covers, staple bound, 62 pages.

Previous owners name and address is written in ink at the top of the first page plus their address label has been attached to the same page near the bottom.

You’ll find “Conjuring, Illusions, Gimmicks, Art, Mystery” covered in this book’s pages along with biographies of many famous magicians along with some of their favorite effects.


1 Preface
2 Frederick Eugene Powell: B&W photo
3 Frederick Eugene Powell: Dean of American Magicians, biography
5 James C. Wobensmith: President, Society of American Magicians, 1930-31, short bio
5 A Psychological Test – In Reverse (James C. Wobensmith): comedy balls on ring effect
7 W.W. Durbin: President of I.B.M., short bio
7 The Bonds of Love (W.W. Durbin): rings become linked using a mirror glass
8 Royal L. Vilas: National Secretary S.A.M. short bio
8 Mirror Glass: Make one quickly using a trench mirror
9 John Mulholland: editor of The Sphinx, short bio
9 Magic Photography (John Mulholland): duplicate of a chosen photograph appears on a previously blank cardboard
10 Al Baker: short biography
11 Al Baker’s Favorite: selected card vanishes from packet; uses Baker’s “Living Dead” notebook
12 Dr. Harlan Tarbell: short bio
12 The Modern X-Ray Cards (Harlan Tarbell): reading a card sandwiched between two others
13 Eugene Laurant: short bio
14 Torn Card Trick (Laurant): torn and restored card
15 Hardeen: short bio
15 Vest Turning Trick (Hardeen): vest turned inside out while hands tied
16 Will Goldston: short bio
16 Stab It – A New Matter Through Matter Pocket Trick (Will Goldston): a mechanical pin through penny trick.
17 Max Holden: short bio
18 Another Card Location (Max Holden): daub
18 T. Nelson Downs: short bio
18 A Coin Trick (T. Nelson Downs): silver dollar is squeezed into change
19 New Vanishing Coin from Handkerchief (T. Nelson Downs): using a finger ring as a ruse
19 The Negligee Coin Vanish (T. Nelson Downs): half dollar vanishes from under handkerchief
19 Oswald Rae: short bio
20 A New Candle and Handkerchief (Oswald Rae): borrowed handkerchief is encased in a paper tube, set afire, and found inside the candle
21 C. Elliott Smith: 2nd Vice President, S.A.M. 1930-31, short bio
22 Changing a Coin into an Alarm Clock (C. Elliott Smith): coin covered with handkerchief turns into an alarm clock
22 Betty Jane Kolar: 8 year old female magician, short bio
23 The Great Kolar: short bio
23 Kolar’s Straw and String Trick: five variations of the string cut in straw effect
25 S.S. Henry Artist Magician: short bio
26 At the End of the Rainbow (S.S. Henry): a silk and pot of gold production
26 Jack Gwynne: short bio
27 A Live Stock Idea (Jack Gwynne): production box
27 William Frazee – Myenberg: short bio
28 Glass of Water Thru Hat (William Frazee): glass penetrates up through hat
28 William R. Williston: short bio
29 The Penetrating Billiard Ball (William Williston): through handkerchief, uses shell
29 U.F. Grant: short bio
30 Another “Stung” Card Trick (U.F. Grant): with Jumbo cards
31 Harry Rouclere: National Treasurer, SAM 1930-31, short bio
31 The Fiddle Bow (Harry Rouclere): balls move up and down a bow, seemingly on command
32 Werner F. Dornfield – Dorny: short bio
32 Divination (Dorny): forcing a 3
33 Edwin Brush: short bio
33 Handkerchief Production (Edwin Brush): apparatus
34 Alfred P. Saal – The Man With the Lights: short bio
34 Match Box Magic (Alfred P. Saal): production of match boxes from thin air
35 Hagoort – The Holland Mystic: short bio
36 Just the Same (Jan Hagoort): card prediction with a gag
36 Ernest K. Schieldge: short bio
37 Transposition Unique (Ernest K. Schieldge): of wrapped up orange and apple
38 Barkann Rosinoff – The Trojan Trixter: short bio
38 A Scandall In the Queens Boudoir: a story using balls on a platform stand
39 Loring Campbell: short bio
40 The Three “Can” Monte (Loring Campbell): uses three Chink Water Cans
41 Louis Zingone: short bio
41 The Surprise Reverse (Louis Zingone): two cards transpose, with selection face up
42 Robert Sherman: short bio
42 Grains of Salt (Robert Sherman): a clever salt pour
43 J.M. Rope Trick (Robert Sherman): a trick for rope and ring
45 Doc Nixon – Neek Suen: short bio
45 The Genuine Chinese Coin Mystery (Nixon): coin trick for Chinese Coins painted various colors
47 Rajah Raboid: short bio
47 Cross Out a Number (Rajah Raboid): math trick
47: Tip: on paint
47: Tip: making a flap
48 Cardini: short bio
49 Walter A. Schwartz: B&W photo
49 The Art of Tying and Dyeing Silks: how to color silks, and how to fold them
51 Walter’s Pet: lighted cigarette burns newspaper but not handkerchief
52 Patter for Walter’s Pet
53 Cigarette Vanish: using modified TT
53 A Miniature Sword Box: pins puncture a balloon, but when box opened, balloon is there
54 One Hand Color Change: for cards
55 A Tom Thumb Levitation: doll rises and falls in a bottle of water at command
55 A Novel Production: yards of ribbon are produced from a milk bottle filled with milk
56 Colored Sands of Mohammed: spectator’s can’t find bag filled with red sand
57 A Utility Box: for vanishing small objects
57 A Simple Card Location
58 Vanishing Alarm Clock: for parlor
58 A Surprise Hank Production: twist on the rose in buttonhole effect
59 Penetrating Thimble: through handkerchief
59 Passe Thimbles: thimbles transpose
60 A Color Change: in fanned deck
61 A Complete Black Art Act: fully explained