Ten New Pocket Tricks (Charles T. Jordan)


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Twenty-three pages, stapled at top. Covers are slightly toned from age and have some edge wear. Interior pages good and clean. The blank bottom sections of pages one and two have been clipped off. The descriptions of the effects start on page three.

Preface (on page 2) by Charles T. Jordan: In presenting this little booklet to the magical fraternity, no apologies are tendered for including in its contents some of the most popular of the effects formerly marketed singly by me. I believe that any one of the experiments described will be found well worth while, and that the trivial price of this little collection, consisting almost exclusively of impromptu effects will be considered ill-spent by no one. Again thanking all who have so generously supported the publication of this series; also Dr. Ervin, and Mr. Haley, who have kindly contributed to the bill-of-fare of magic herein contained; and not forgetting the magical reviewers here and abroad, who have received the previous numbers of this series with a welcome that warms the writer’s heart, I will leave the reader to explore for himself the pages following. Charles T. Jordan. Penngrove, California, December 17, 1920.

Contents include:

The Mesmerized Alarm Clock
A Silk Production From Empty Hands
The Bewitched Umbrella
The Vanishing Coin
Paper Tearing Supreme
New Coin Trick
The Psychic Ring Release
The Impromptu Mind Reader
Up Your Sleeve
The Mystic Knife