Classic Pass Z (DVD) by Zee (Includes Bonus PDF)


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In Classic Pass Z, Zee will show you the ins and outs of a true INVISIBLE pass and hold your hand every step of the way of learning it. Not only that, Zee also gives you tools that will help you to refine your magic as a craft which he used to pull himself out of that swamp filled with basic people.

Learning from a video can often lead to missing a few crucial details in sleights. Therefore, we also have included written instructions in bullet points, and much more so you cannot possibly miss anything.

When you get down Classic Pass Z, you will be able to control a card right under your spectator’s nose even after telling them to burn your hand! Oh, and it does not matter if the spectator is a layperson or a magician. Equally effective!

Classic Pass Z will be your shortcut to a genuinely invisible pass, and Zee will also give you another tool that will allow you to modify virtually anything.

“Zee points out a few common things magicians do, and no doubt I do, that give something away as to what you are doing. On this DVD he breaks it down so it’s easy to follow and with practice you can get as smooth as he does. This is a great classic pass and one well worth learning for the person who has done it for a long time or somebody who wants to learn a good version.” – Paul Romhany, – Reviews Vanish Magazine