Close-Up Acrylic Drawer Box


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The Drawer Box is one of the oldest production props ever devised and has survived over the decades because of its simplicity and ease of operation. It is one of the very few production props capable of holding a load almost as large as the visible prop. Drawer Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature ones for coins and cigarettes, to a huge Circus Ring size, for producing bears or a bevy of beauties!

This Drawer Box is for close up and made from acrylic specially for use with small items like for producing a deck of cards (can hold 2 decks) or white mice, or most small production items (spring flowers, spring bills, etc.) in a handy size of 4-1/2 inches long by 3-1/2 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches tall. A special locking arrangement in the inner drawer enables the inner half drawer to be pulled out to the maximum extent without any fear of it being pulled right out and exposing the secret.

Comes with instructions for use. You supply the production items.

Note: The Bicycle deck of playing cards seen in the picture is for display only and is not included.