Cobra Tie


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As magic effects go, this one is something off the beaten path, and will make a strong impact on any audience.

The performer removes his neck tie, (or borrows one from someone in the audience). It is examined, then coiled and placed on a flat tray.

As the performer whistles a tune, (or has a spectator play a flute), the tie becomes animated. The broad end of the tie rises like a cobra’s hood, crawling higher and higher, till it is over a foot above the coil. The tray is turned side ways, and you have a perfect replica of a cobra, with the broad end raised like a hood, and the narrow end hanging down like a tail.

A few magic gestures, and the hood sinks down. The tie is removed from the tray, and tossed out for examination, or returned to the “owner”. The tray is shown empty, and placed aside, as you bow and collect your well deserved applause.

The closest to this we have come across as a magic effect is Finn Jon’s Animated Neck Tie. However, this version uses no threads, and requires no set up or special practice, other than for an effective presentation. Try it before an audience and we guarantee it will be a permanent feature in your act!

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