Coin Con (Royal Magic)


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A borrowed quarter is placed on a plastic base and covered with a cap. When the cap is lifted the quarter has disappeared. But the spectators think they have figured out the trick and have caught the magician as he caused their coin to fall into the bottom of the base. But when the base is opened up the spectators are in for another surprise because instead of finding their quarter they see a metal disc on which is printed the words “Thanks for the Quarter!” So their quarter has really vanished after all.

The performer can reproduce the coin from any place he desires.

Very easy to perform.

No sleight of hand required.

The special plastic base and lid do all the work for you.

It’s a really fun trick to perform.

Comes with the base and lid assembly, gimmick, and instructions.

Use any person’s quarter.

Note: The quarter shown in the picture is for display only and is not included.