Vanishing Quarter In Glass Of Water


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A borrowed and marked quarter is placed under a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold which is placed over a glass of water. The spectator is asked to release the coin and allow it to drop into the glass of water where it is hear to fall. When the handkerchief is removed from over the glass it is seen that the quarter has vanished from the glass!

The water is poured from the glass and is seen to be completely empty. The coin is truly gone! Now the magician reproduces the same coin from his pocket or wherever else he may so desire. The mark is verified by the spectator and it is the very same coin that just a minute before was dropped into the glass of water by the spectator.

You receive this set with glass, real quarter, quarter size gimmick, and instructions. You will need to supply your own handkerchief.

Note: You are also supplied with a half dollar size gimmick if you wish to perform this mystery with a real half dollar or a coin of similar size. You will need to supply a larger flat bottomed glass and the real coin. The working remains the same.