Coin Pail – Stainless Steel


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Magician shows both hands empty, he picks up a large bucket from his table and proceeds to pluck coin after coin from the air. Coins here, coins there, coins everywhere!

From a spectator’s ear, nose, pocket or even the spectator himself can catch a coin from the air and toss at the bucket where it is heard to arrive with a loud clink.

An important part of any good Coin Pail is the sound. With this pail the coins can be heard in the largest hall, nite-club or auditorium. Each gimmick holds 10 coins each giving the performer a total of twenty coins to work with.

These coin holder gimmicks are designed to hold quarter size coins.

These pails are really beautiful and the holders work like a charm. You’ll be proud performing the Miser’s Dream with one.

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